Corona for St. Patty’s Day – What!?

February 15th, 2006 | Posted by Real Beer

Does this strike you as a little strange?

Iconic Mexican beer Corona, famous for being served with a wedge of lime jammed in the top, will launch a 15-second TV spot and a 60-second radio ad in March to boost sales of the brew in the run-up to St. Patrick’s Day, the beverage importer Gambrinus said.

The images on TV and in retail outlets show a wedge of lime carved into the shape of a shamrock. The TV spot will air nationally, and the radio ad in 40 markets.

[Via Brandweek]

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One Response to “Corona for St. Patty’s Day – What!?”

  1. Tim Driscoll Says:

    When large brewers can’t capture market share on the flavor merits of their beer they often rely on humor. You have to give them credit though it seems to work. As for me Guinness is fine any time of year, but especially on St. Patricks Day. CHEERS!!!!