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VA – Three Notch’d Brewing Company voluntarily recalls several types of beer

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Three Notch’d Brewing Company has issued a voluntary recall of several different types of beer due to the company claiming the quality of the beer was not up to standards. After undergoing quality testing, the brewery said an “oxidized metallic flavor” was found to be present in the beer through “accelerated shelf life testing.”
Three Notch’d said there is no reason to believe there is a safety issue with these products, but that it will be voluntarily recalling the beer because it “fails to meet our [the company’s] high standards.”
Recalled Beer
King of Clouds 4/6/16oz – canned between 2/21/23 and 3/13/23
40 Mile 6/4/12oz – canned between 3/7/23 and 3/9/23
Hop Variety Pack 2/12/12oz – packaged between 3/8/23 3/27/23
Hop Variety Pack 24/12oz – packaged between 3/8/23 and 3/27/23
You can check to see if your beer is impacted by checking the date it was packaged — found on the can itself or on the stickers on the box.

Those found to be in possession of the impacted beer can bring the product to any Three Notch’d location in Virginia for an immediate replacement. The brewing company has five locations across the Commonwealth, including Richmond, Charlottesville, Harrisonburg, Roanoke and Virginia Beach.
“If you have any questions about this notice please do not hesitate to reach out,” Three Notch’d said in a release. “Our top priority is the health and safety of our customers. We pledge to learn from this and redouble our efforts to brew and package only the finest and freshest beers in Virginia. We sincerely appreciate your understanding and support.”

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Tennessee Town Covered in ‘Whiskey Fungus’

An Entire Tennessee Town Is Covered in ‘Whiskey Fungus’

“If you take your fingernail and run your fingernail down our tree branch, it will just coat the tip of your finger.”
Residents of Lincoln County, a community of 35,000 in southern Tennessee, say they’ve had enough of the black mold quickly coating their homes, streets, and public spaces. And they’re ready to make Jack Daniel’s fix it.
As Insider explains, the mold, known as baudoinia compniacensis, or by its nickname “whiskey fungus,” grows thanks to the ethanol vapor given off by whiskey distilleries, or in this case, the one by Jack Daniel’s located in town. In 2018, the liquor company built six barrel houses there and was going to construct 14 more before a recent lawsuit curtailed those plans.
Christi Long, who operates a local events company at her more than 100-year-old mansion in the community, filed a lawsuit in January against the county, citing that the barrelhouses lack the proper permits for operation, The New York Times reports. And, Lincoln County Chancellor J.B. Cox agreed, ruling that Jack Daniel’s must cease construction until it obtains the necessary permits.
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Australian beer recalled for containing ‘excess alcohol’

A beer made in Australia has been recalled for containing “excess alcohol,” health officials said.
Food Standards Australia New Zealand said the watermelon sour beer, produced by Your Mates Brew Pub, poses a risk for illness/injury due to secondary fermentation.
According to Beer & Brewing, secondary fermentation refers to “any phase of fermentation following the very active ‘primary’ fermentation, but before complete removal of the yeast. In lager beers, secondary fermentation can refer to the period of maturation and lagering, during which important flavor changes occur, particularly reabsorption of diacetyl by yeast.”
B&B says amateur brewers use the term to refer to an aging period after the primary stage of fermentation that usually involves moving the young beer to a separate fermentation vessel to remove it from dormant yeast. The sour beer was sold online and in certain Australian stores. Customers are encouraged to dispose of the alcohol and contact the company for reimbursement.


Newsletter from our friends at Bear Republic Brewing

Dear Friends and Family,
At Bear Republic Brewing Co., we feel great responsibility for the role we play in the lives of our guests for over 25 years—even more important to us during this difficult time when we are all being more cautious about how we engage with our guests and the community.

Many of you have called to see if the Bear Republic is open, and at this time, we are doing everything to provide great service and make you feel at home and safe. Governor Newsom mandated all restaurants to cut seating in half, which we are doing as well as spacing guests out so they are not within 6 feet of another table. We have a vast and large space, and a beautiful beer garden, so we can all spread out. In order to further protect our guests and staff, all food and beverage orders will be taken at the bar to limit everyone’s interaction.

We understand that you might feel more comfortable eating at home, we have a to go menu available on our website We also have cold beer to go that can be picked up with your order. We are adding curb side service. Please call 707.585.2722 and press 0 to order your to go items.

Although we have no reason to believe that anyone infected with Coronavirus has been in our pub, we have taken additional steps to reduce any risks our guests and staff may face. We have always followed stringent health department regulations and have increased our frequency and rigor in our cleaning steps. Our team knows they have paid sick leave, and that they are expected to stay home if they are feeling ill. This protects everyone.
We are proactively suspending our children’s toys in the beer garden and board games in the pub. We have also postponed Bingo, Paint Night and Trivia. As any other changes arise, we will be communicating them in a timely manner.

We will continue to monitor all updates from county, state and Federal authorities and will continue to monitor the effectiveness of our mitigation procedures on a daily basis. Please take care to follow each of the precautionary steps to protect yourself and your family. Be sure to take home some Bear Republic bottles and cans from the grocery store, but please remember we will remain open and always appreciate your support. Above all, stay strong during this challenging time for our community.

Marcin Furmankiewicz & the Bear Team
Pub General Manager


Get Free Beer for Cig butts & Bottle Caps

After a research by Anglia Ruskin University revealed cigarettes are more damaging to the environment than plastic straws, a bar in Barcelona is taking drastic measures. The study reveals drastic impacts on plant growth where butts are found in the soil and, since Cigarette litter is a major problem on beaches, water pollution concerns. Just one cigarette butt can pollute 3 litres of water, and the contamination can take between five and 20 years to dissipate. Marine life is also known to mistake them for food.
Tackling the issue head-on, Tibu-Ron Group, which operates several beach bars in Barcelona, is handing out free beer and soft drinks to consumers who collect a pint of cigarette butts from the surrounding area joining Zanzibar on Baga Beach, Goa, who started offering free beer to patrons who came to the premises with old cigarettes and bottle caps in February this year.
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Does Drinking Beer Cause More Mosquitoes Bites?

Ask Adam: Do People Who Drink Beer Get Bitten by Mosquitoes More?
Q – I’ve heard that if I drink beer I am more likely to be bitten by mosquitoes. Is that true?
Adam – Yes, but that’s not the half of it. As it turns out, all alcohol consumption will make you more susceptible to getting bitten, not just beer.
Via Vinepair