Sorry, Jimmy Buffett doesn’t brew

JImmy Buffett LandsharkSorry if this ruins your Monday morning but there is no Margaritaville Brewing Co. in Jacksonville, Fla.

LandShark Lager, which has replaced Corona as Jimmy Buffett’s beer sponsor, is brewed by Anheuser-Busch. It’s not clear if this came as a surprise to the Palm Beach Post but it did merit a story.

At first glance, LandShark looks like a microbrew that’s produced by Buffett himself. After all, the name alludes to the Buffett song Fins, the product is displayed prominently on Buffett’s Web site and the bottle says the lager is made by Margaritaville Brewing Co. of Jacksonville. But LandShark is brewed by Anheuser-Busch Cos. of St. Louis, although the nation’s largest brewer seeks a stealth role.

LandShark is available in Margaritaville restaurants and will be sold at Buffett concerts. For now, the beer is being distributed to stores and restaurants only in Florida.

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  1. Well i have to say Corona LOOK OUT. Their is a new beer in town and it is kicking butt. I live in N.C. and Landshark has just got around here. You dont even need a lime to make it better to drink. I have got to give it to Landshark…..keep it up. I dont care if JB or AB makes it, a good beer is a good beer and this is a great beer.

  2. This beer is made at the Anheuser-Busch Brewery in Jacksonville Fl. The same place they make other Anheuser-Busch products.

  3. My info comes from reputable people that own a couple Bud distributorships. They say AB has distribution rights but does NOT brew
    Land Shark. AB’s distribution of Land Shark started more recently.

    The beer’s flavor is somewhat masked drinking out of the bottle. Remember the sense of smell is related to taste. Certainly the lime helps. But drinking this or Corona out of a cup/glass is horrific.

  4. Living in the Turks and Caicos and hope it ends up here, soon! My curiosity is enough to try the brew, not to mention that the endless days of sunshine and warmth warrant a brew made for this lifestyle!

  5. What a Great Beer! Tried it last night for the first time. Beats Corona all to heck. We really enjoyed it. Purchased it at local bar in Twin Falls ID.

    Thanks Alot Jimmy


  6. We have it here in OHIO !!!! Grand Lake St Marys ROCKS!!!!! Just had LANDSHARK at SunnySide, Thanks Donna!!!

  7. Yes Landshark has made its way to Ohio. I had the chance to try it the other day. I have to admit I am not impressed this is just another A/B beer with an attractive logo. Still I am a big Buffett fan and will likley find myself downing a few at his concert this summer. FINS UP!

  8. Had a few in Wisconsin last week……very good!

    I guess it will take a year before it shows up in Canada.

  9. It’s here in New Jersey , and here to STAY! Great beer and now I can leave the skunk in the store where it can be purchased by others who do not know about Landshark!…It is available at many stores here and even listed on TGIF’s Menu……..Purchased it in Ocean City Md while on vacation in July and all the bar’s and night spots have it…It’s in the fridge right now, and I may just crack one open, Gotta go !

  10. not bad beer but not good… too bad super stars have to abandon the good stuff to make an extra buck. Good luck to jimmy b and his beer but I’ll stick to the good stuff he introduced to me.

    luck and success,


  11. decent beer; easy to drink. not a totally flavorful beer like the stuff some countries and breweries try to accomplish and Sam Adams is trying to get you to think they’re trying to accomplish, but it’s an easy beer to drink and smoother than Corona. it aint a regular in my frig, but his annual concerts here in california are . . . .

  12. Tried Landshark in Destin, Fla. Really liked it. I would say it is like a Corona Light that you do not have to add the lime wedge, because there is no ‘skunk’ taste. And what do you know, we get back to Northwest Arkansas and Wal-Mart has it. 🙂 I now have a new summer beer!

  13. They sell Landshark Beer at the Fry’s in Tempe, AZ. And earlier this year they had a contest with the prize being tickets for a Jimmy Buffet concert.

  14. Drank my first Land Shark at a friends home in Ross, Ohio. Loved it. I’ve always been a Bud Light girl but this stuff is good. My husband likes it better than his Corona too. It does cost a little more but they go down so smooth. I too have heard it’s a Budwesier Beer but then am told that no, it’s a Buffet beer. Looks like AB has something to do with it. Either way, it’s good. Had lunch at O’Charley’s today and asked the waiter if they had it. He’d never heard of it….came back and said there were two left. They are now gone. 🙂

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