Sorry, Jimmy Buffett doesn’t brew

JImmy Buffett LandsharkSorry if this ruins your Monday morning but there is no Margaritaville Brewing Co. in Jacksonville, Fla.

LandShark Lager, which has replaced Corona as Jimmy Buffett’s beer sponsor, is brewed by Anheuser-Busch. It’s not clear if this came as a surprise to the Palm Beach Post but it did merit a story.

At first glance, LandShark looks like a microbrew that’s produced by Buffett himself. After all, the name alludes to the Buffett song Fins, the product is displayed prominently on Buffett’s Web site and the bottle says the lager is made by Margaritaville Brewing Co. of Jacksonville. But LandShark is brewed by Anheuser-Busch Cos. of St. Louis, although the nation’s largest brewer seeks a stealth role.

LandShark is available in Margaritaville restaurants and will be sold at Buffett concerts. For now, the beer is being distributed to stores and restaurants only in Florida.

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  1. “The name alludes to the Buffett song Fins?” Guess I’m old, the name leads me to remember the Saturday Night Live skit and laugh out loud — at the skit AND this new swill!

    Interesting thoughts on the 25th anniversary of John Belushi’s death.



  2. Of course he’s just doing it for the money, and i won’t bash it until i have tried it. and considering that they say it is only available in florida at the moment i’d be willing to bet it IS in fact brewed in Jacksonville, if there is one thing the evil AB empire is good it, it is making sure their beer doesn’t travel far.

  3. It’s nothing new for major brewers to do this. Miller has been doing it with Southpaw, Icehouse and others for years. Miller or SAB is currently brewing a large portion of Sam Adams as a contract brew and Sam Adams still claims to be a micro even though it is contract brewed and with volume exceeding the federal limit for micros. Coors has Killians as an example. Even older domestics used to brew the same product under several names and some imports still do for shipment to different countries. A/B actually owns 50+% of Modelo which is the brewer of Corona so they may be marketing against themselves, but should know how to make a Corona like product. I recently had several Landsharks in New Orleans and it is also in Loxley, Alabama at Jimmiie Buffet’s sisters restaurant. If you like Corona “fresh Corona” you will like Lankshark. If you like the skunk of a “light struck” old Corona you might not.

  4. This is a really good beer ! I do believe it has found a new home in my refrigerator .

  5. Had the beer in Florida in Feb was very good only wish we could get it back up here in New York, anyone know if thats possible

  6. I had Landshark in Anguilla, BWI recently and loved, loved, loved it. I’ve been trying to find it here in New York since I got back, with no luck! Will they ever sell it in New York?

  7. Can’t find the link right now, but recently read that they are looking at brewing and distributing it at A-B plants north of Florida, which would extend distribution up the East Coast.

    But right now you have to go to Florida.

  8. I have tried the beer and it also has a new home in my fridge. Thank goodness that I live in Fl and it is sold everywhere including super walyworld

  9. I just spent some time in west central FL (Pinellas County) and tried this beer. I love it. Smooth Corona-like without the skunkiness. Not that skunkiness is bad…. I grew up there and now live in Illinois and would like to keep some in MY fridge as well. Any ideas? I miss it already. And the beaches…

  10. And as far as how I how I left the sunny beaches of FL for Illinois- “how I got here I haven’t a clue.” hehe

  11. my daughter and i just returned from vegas and found it being sold out there so hopefully it won’t be long before it’s available here in the midwest.

  12. My best friend just brought me six when she got back from Florida, and my husband and I really like it. I don’t drink Corona unless there isn’t anything else, and I don’t think it tastes like Corona that much. I probably wouldn’t like it so much if it did. I don’t put limes in my beer either. I drink it plain. For a lager it is very smooth. I would buy it. In fact, as soon as it becomes available around here I will.

    I wonder if it will be served at Cheeseburger in Paradise in Indy?

  13. my goodness from a site with a bunch of beer heads.

    it sounds like u guys have sold out….

    a\b brewing it,,,,,,, another killarneys, or dock otis, or world select.. i could go on.

    have a good beer, enjoy yourself,, drink a corona. a
    a real import, not from jacksonville

  14. Just went to a Jimmy show in Cinn Ohio ,brought 2 case from Panam city beach Fla.Its good beer as good as any Busch product out there….Got to hand to jimmy His a smart rocker

  15. Went to Florida for Vacation 2007. A local turned me on to this fine tasting lager. Please try and get it distributed to N.E.Ohio. (Cleveland,Ohio) area

  16. I live in Lexington, KY. I am certainly a long-time Jimmy Fan and had 5th row at Riverbend! I am an one of the Original Parrotheads (Cinci has that Title)!!! Give the corporate sponsor complaint bullshit a rest! Jimmy has tasted many treats in his lifetime and this is his beer! So, drink up and put your fins up!!! To all of you nay-sayers…. find something else to do with your time because you are a poor judge of brews… you choose to discount a brew because you have tasted one “better than Landshark…” Go back to your garage and try again my friend… it’s a shame that some find it proper to “flex” their beer-drinking knowledge without having produced an acceptable product of their own!

    Cheers to all my Parrothead Mates!!! Landshark is here and I will continue to “import” Landshark into KY as long as it takes to get it into my local brewery.

    Again! Fins Up!!!


    Captain Morgan in Lexington

  17. We just got back from Florida and are kicking ourselves for not picking up a few cases of Land Shark. It is the best beer that I’ve ever tried and I am not a beer drinker. I cannot wait to see it in our stores back home!

  18. Love the stuff, who ever is making it , Cheers. Oh by the way it’s in chesapeake Va., my home town.

  19. Just finished a sixpack of the stuff, what? (opening the fridge) another six pack of landshark?!!Yeah Baby Yeah

  20. I just had the beer as well…I love it and just bought a case in NY if you go onto and type in your zip code it will tell you where to get it!

  21. Kicking a few back myself…Got to say that I’ve got a hankering for some fried jumbo shrimp,or maybe fried squid.Either way,you can say this Landshark lager is the way to go!!!! By the way, WE GOT IT IN HOTLANTA

  22. There were 4 left over Landsharks in the fridge of the house we rented in Fla., we liked em so much we had a case + a 6 pack by that night! Can you say SMOOOOOTH?! Forgot to bring a few cases back home with us, but our local Publix carries it! $16.99 a case, but wtf- its a great beer!

  23. Got some at a foodlion in Mathews, VA…love it…now to find it in Northern VA(no luck yet!)

  24. According to information at a Miller sponsored brewing industry blog, the Corona importer dropped sponsorship of Buffett Tours because of “Buffett hooking up with Anheuser-Busch to launch a brew named Land Shark lager.” That sounds to me like Buffett’s management is definitely a player in the development of the brew. If nothing else, it is a force in the marketing scheme.

  25. well i had the beer at TGIF in Williamsburg,Va. so i guess they are starting to get around to more of the states. but there is also a large Anheuser-bush brewing plant here in Williamsburg. so maybe they are slowly getting it out and about. it is a decent tasting beer but i think the only down fall of the beer is the price. but i was told but i’m not sure that there is tequila in the beer. does anyone know for sure?

  26. Corona is also part of Anheuser-Bush. AB ownes part of Corona brewery. so Jimmy Buffett didn’t leave Corona be just wanted something with his name on it to market it to more people. the main reason people are trying the new beer is beacuse of Jimmy. that was one of the reasons i tried it. so no matter if he left Corona or not AB going to make thier money either way!!

  27. Had one of these brews this evening, made my guess that it was a so called stealth brew by AB and this site confirmed it. I’ve had more than my share of Mich and Bud but as to Landshark I wasn’t impressed by it’s taste. Not very crisp for a lager, a bit too malty without the hops to balance it but then maybe it’s the long trip it took to get to NW MN and it’s clear bottle that maybe tainted it’s flavor. I won’t be buying anymore and regret spending money on this one at the local tavern over a Bud, Mich, Sam Adams, Guinness, Summit, Red Hook, Big Sky, even Old Milwaukee, etc. My wife who is a much bigger AB fan couldn’t and didn’t get excited about it and refused to take more than a sip of it.. Sorry I couldn’t get more excited about it and give it a better review but this was my experience and it wasn’t a positive one.

  28. My Wife and I had a few Land Shark’s on the Margaritaville Cafe balcony overlooking the Caribean blue topaz waters of Grand Cayman. Yea Mon! Who the hell cares where it’s made when the Land Sharks are ice cold and you’re in a place like that. My Friends, beer is to drink and not to be debated! As a matter of fact, the are too many debates in this world and not enough beers on the balcony. I guess I could analyze the taste for you, but I’d rather just have another and think about that blue water. Cheers Amigo!

  29. Landshark has been available at the Lake of the Ozarks, about half way between St. Louis and Kansas City, for the past year. Just recently heard it will be available her in kc by the end of the month. I love the stuff.

  30. Landshark is a very good beer. It is made by the Margaritaville Brewing Co. of Jacksonville, Florida, which is a division of Anheuser-Busch. But is is made in Jacksonville, Florida, and it is an actual company.

  31. I owned a Beer/Wine store in Mi. I talked to my AB rep. and he told me that he could not find out were it was made but It was made by AB. I tried to have 20 cases shipped to me on a special but it was only available on the west side or the state. AB owns 52% of Corona. I have tasted alot of beers and I think Landshark is one of the best that has come down the line in a long time. Fins Up.

  32. LandShark Lager is available here in East Tennessee at Walmart and Kroger, but it gave me sticker shock! The price was around $8.50 for a six-pack… of domestic beer brewed by the AB conglomerate. I can go to the gourmet market in Knoxville and buy a 6-pack of the best imported beer for less. I may try the LandShark Lager, but the expense will prevent it from becoming a regular in my frig, unless it is the absolute very best beer I have ever tasted. I am a true JB fan, but I think he has lost touch with his fan base to partner in promoting a beer which many of his fans cannot afford to drink.

  33. We tried land shark at bar in Scottsboro, Al please put it in stores. we cant go to the bar every night for a beer. Thanks

  34. had the land shark in ct. wish i could get it in philly. is there some way i can purchase it here?

  35. I found this beer while in Key West at none other than Margaritaville Cafe.They do sometning to it (I don’t recall what they called it) they put Lime Tequilla in it.Man it was Great!!!! We drank it for the rest of our stay in the Keys.And yes i found it in Michigan.Oh happy day. LAND SHARK IS GOOD STUFF sorry Corona…..

  36. After much persuading by the bartender at a bar in Stow OH I tried my first Land Shark….. And you know…. it is VERY good… Although the name does remind me of the Saturday Night skit that just endeared it to me more … It is going to replace my usual Corona!! Thanks AB

  37. well, I finally tried Landshark on a trip to FLa this year. I didn’t pay attention to the price of it while there, because I was on vaca. I love the stuff. I’m sure it’s because it puts me into that state of mind .. but what the heck … it’s worth it. However, I live in NY and it’s very expensive. Jimmy, if you are reading these … lower the price … I love it but can’t afford it all the time. I started looking (today) to really find out where it is brewed and am very happy (at the moment) to find that it is brewed by AB since one of my best buds works there. Hoping to see if he can’t hook me up! Fins up people … and what the heck … life is short. Drink what you want .. even if I can’t afford it all the time … there will always be a six pack in my fridge. Just cuz!

    If it makes you feel good … do it. Hell, I didn’t have Corona until I was in Mexico and when I drink that … I remember my times there … well worth that too. If you are too concerned or too much of a “beer drinker” to realize that it’s your taste that matters …. then drink what you want. That’s what it’s all about. Breathe in, breathe out … and just move on!

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