Seeing red over Guinness Red

Guinness plans to test market a new beer called Guinness Red.

Stephen Beaumont doesn’t think much of the idea.

Listen, Diageo, I know that sales of Guinness are falling in Ireland and the U.K., at least according to my sources, and that you likely want to find some way to buoy them up. But believe me, this ain’t it!

His explanation at World of Beer.

2 Replies to “Seeing red over Guinness Red”

  1. There is precedent for this, except that “Guinness Lager” is called “Harp” instead. It is too bad that this red will likely will water down the Guinness reputation. Given the fairly unique characteristics that mark the Guinness product, and the utter lack of the such uniqueness in the Harp brew, I hope Guinness PLC has better luchk this time and is able to offer a red ale that could possibly be considered worthy of sharing the Guinness name. I just don’t think the odds are very good.

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