Anchor Brewing poster child for small businesses

The in USA Today reads Beermaker thinks small in big way, resisting urge to splurge on growth but could also have stated Anchor Brewing “thinks big in a small way.”

That would have suited Seth Godin’s, whose books Small is the New Big is a top seller at Amazon.

But new? Fritz Maytag has been doing this at Anchor for 40 years.

“Big is not always better,” Maytag told the newspaper. “Small companies like ours can still knock ’em dead.”

The point of the special section on “growing a small business” is that it’s OK to stay small. Anybody who has consumed an Anchor beer or two already knows that.

Bo Burlingham, author of Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big, says Anchor is a rare company with real character and “corporate mojo — the business equivalent of charisma.”