Sam Adams rolls out beers for patriots

Just in time for the Fourth of July, Boston Beer Co. is introducing the Samuel Adams Brewer Patriot Collection, four beers made with ingredients that would have been available in revolutionary times.

The Traditional Ginger Honey Ale, for instance, includes ingredients such as fresh ginger puree and wildflower honey. Sam Adams’ brewers hand smoked malt from a forest on land once owned by James Madison for the James Madison Dark Wheat Ale. The other beers are George Washington Porter and 1790 Root Beer Brew (a hard root beer made with blackstrap molasses, sassafras root bark and other ingredients).

Initial reviews? There’s been some chatter on the discussion boards.

2 Replies to “Sam Adams rolls out beers for patriots”

  1. Your best bet is to ask a store that stocks other Sam Adams beers about getting the package.

    They have been spotted at several Whole Foods (if you have those around you).

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