New beer alert: Shiner 99, ‘Hopsinjoor’ and more

Shiner 99The Spoetzl Brewery in Texas has released the fourth beer in the countdown toward its 100th anniversary in 2009. Shiner 99 is brewed in the style of a Helles.

A brewery press release notes: “Some people think ‘helles’ is German for ‘pale.’ But it actually means ‘bright,’ and that’s just what Shiner 99 is — a bright gold lager.” Shiner 99 is malt-accented, fresh almost-grainy sweetness nicely balanced by spicy Hallertau Tradition hops.

Spoetzl, one of America’s oldest independent breweries, began the special releases with Shiner 96, an Oktoberfest-inspired beer. Shiner 97 proved so popular it has become a regular offering, now called Bohemian Black Lager.

Belgium’s Het Anker brewery has added a fourth beer to its line. Hopsinjoor contains four different noble hops and checks in at a robust 50 IBU. “Opsingjoor” is a puppet closely linked to the history of Mechelen, where Het Anker is located.

Moosehead USA will ship Moosehead Light to ten markets beginning in April: Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Nebraska, New Jersey, Minnesota, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania. The beer contains 4% alcohol and 112 calories.