Georgia bar gives customers own personal taps

A sports bar in Atlanta now allows customers to pour their own beer while seated at their own table.

Jeff Libby, 26, invented and patented the system.

Taps boasting two beer spouts are built into tables dotting Atlanta’s swanky STATS sports bar. Each is hooked into a cooler of kegs in the bar’s basement through a network of tubes and pipes.

To fly with state officials, serve-yourself beer had to include some built-in deterrents.

A waitress must first check IDs before turning on the tap. When the digital ticker counting each ounce hits 180 — or about three pitchers — the taps shut off until a server comes by to check on the table. Bigger parties keep servers running back and forth fairly often, while it’s rarer for smaller groups to hit the limit.

Each tap has two spouts offering a selection of the bar’s more than a dozen beers, including Miller Lite, Guiness Stout, Newcastle and a house brew called Numbers Ale. Customers can only pick which taps they get by reserving a private party table.

Call is customer friendly.

“Sometimes you’re with your husband and he drinks twice as fast as you _ and you can only down a quarter beer,” said 31-year-old Jennie Olshaske, nodding toward her husband. Now, she said, she can pour as little beer as she wants.

Libby is looking to expand, and has approval from the states of North Carolina, South Carolina and California.

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  1. He did not invent this. A bar in Sevilla Spain has had this for a while. I was in Sevilla a year ago and came across this at a bar. To say he “invented” this is not correct. He copied it.

  2. I was with Linda in Sevilla. There was a place very similar to Jeff’s except for the taps were controlled by a BARTENDER!
    To say Linda is “truthful” is not correct. She is a liar.

  3. It’s hilarious that he applied for a patent for this. There are any number of metered self pour systems on the market, and the paperwork documenting every case of prior art would fill a filing cabinet.

  4. What, do you work at the patent office, JohnnyRnR? Is it also hilarious that your office granted the patent?

  5. OK. To ALL- I want to address Linda and JohnnyRnRs concerns about who invented what. I did not invent the idea of taps on tables and there are a few systems in circulation internationally. HOWEVER, I am the first to get the system approved in the United States, and I did invent and patent the controls that make the system legal here. We developed the software and hardware in order to create an intelligent and responsible self service draft system that complies with US law. SO, please try to take it easy on a fellow beer advocate for making this all possible. Peace, Love and Table Taps!

  6. Since the radio station here in Atlanta that constantly pimps this place is also pointing listeners here, I thougt you should know that the whole keg tap at the table is a huge gimmick, I think there are at most 4 tables in the whole place with these and they only offer 2 beers. One is usually Bud, so you basically have one choice. Here is a top ten list what else this style over substance dump has to offer:

    1. No parking lot. No valet service. $10 to park in an overly-crowded lot across and down the street. We decided against parking on the train tracks behind the restaurant. Call us crazy.
    2. We ordered a few appetizers to start, but continued ordering more because we weren’t happy with the prior round.
    3. I finally decided to order an entree since I was still hungry (see point #2). I ordered the Blackened Fish Tacos served with pico de gallo and salsa verde — sounds like the healthiest of options, yes? They were served in fried taco shells and the fish was fried, too! Upon being questioned, the manager enlightened us: well, the fish is blackened, and then fried. Puh-lease! Just print the f-word on the menu and you won’t deceive any more patrons.
    4. I don’t care that this place is owned by 790 The Zone. In fact, I expected better simply because it is owned by 790 The Zone.
    5. My water glass was never refilled. Not once.
    6. The warm cookies served with ice cream for dessert tasted like re-heated, stale cookies. They left much to be desired.
    7. We had to buss our own table. Literally, we walked dishes to the kitchen because our server clearly wasn’t planning on it.
    8. Don’t pretend like you’re the coolest spot in town by insisting a line form outside when it’s not even crowded inside. What a joke.
    9. The rancid icing on the burnt cake?
    10. A guy relieving himself on the side of the building as we were (happily) leaving.

  7. They might as well leave a case of Blatz and a case of Miller on the table. Also, it charges by the oz. and that includes a shitload of foam…

  8. Agree the taps are a gimmick, just like the bar itself. Medicore food, indifferent service and tough to get tables that actually have the aforementioned taps.

    Mr. Libby, with all do respect you sound like HRC explaining her visit to Bosnia, “Well, um, I didn’t actually say I invented the concept but…”

    Cha Cha: What did you have for lunch today?

  9. Oh by the way…even though the food isn’t so good, stop by and see me next Monday when I’ll be there for the Hawks postgame with your boy 3-D Afterdark!

  10. I just want to say I think that the taps at Stats are a wonderful addition to the Atlanta Sports Scene. Not only can sports fans enjoy a cold brew, but Atlanta’s Sports Leader 790 The Zone often broadcasts live from Stats. What a combination: Sports, Beer Taps and 790 The Zone!

  11. Yo where my dogs at? F’real, Stats is off the chain! I go there and watch ESPN and read SI for show prep on “What’s Up Wednesdays” and “Throw Back Thursdays”. Holla Dogs & Poodles! I’ll get Doug to read the menu to me and when he tells me they want $8 for a salad, I interupt him and yell something! Steven A. Smith knows what I’m talkin’ ’bout! A meal without beer taps is like a day without sunshine, except that on a day without sunshine you can still get drunk.
    Roo roo!

  12. Taps what a great idea. I like the taps idea. We need more taps tables around town. I wonder if they have tap tables in St. Louis. St. Louis is a great beer town. Come to think of it St. Louis is a great baseball town. Stan Musial was a great player for the Cardinals. .332 lifetime average…..

  13. I thought Stats was cool when I was still working for the radio station and got free drinks. Now I can’t even get a table with the taps. Don’t worry, I’ll be back. I still can’t believe they gave my timeslot to those weekend guys. I’m not bitter though.

  14. Who CARES if its a gimmick???? It’s something new and unique to a state where you can’t even BUY a six-pack on Sunday! It’s a fun idea! Especially in a city boasting 3 pro sports teams. Does anyone think there’s enough bars/eats near the Dome or Philips Arena???? Is the shoe modeling at The Cheetah NOT a gimmick?

    And as for the radio station whose self-pimpage you are concerned about, they have an exclusive agreement with the establishment. Why else would they have a permanent, streetside studio built-in? Do you know any radio station that doesn’t exist on self-pimpage????

    “Cha Cha Says:

    March 27th, 2008 at 4:26 pm
    Since the radio station here in Atlanta that constantly pimps this place is also pointing listeners here, I thougt you should know that the whole keg tap at the table is a huge gimmick, I think there are at most 4 tables in the whole place with these and they only offer 2 beers. One is usually Bud, so you basically have one choice. . . “

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