Miller Chill includes lime, salt in bottle

Miller ChillTired of messing around with lime and salt every time you want to drink a Corona?

Miller Brewing wants to make your life easier. Aiming at the Hispanic market, Miller is introducing a beer already flavored with lime and salt.

Miller Chill, modeled after a popular style of Mexican beer called a “chelada,” will be test marketed throughout Florida, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and San Diego, said Pete Marino, a spokesman for the Milwaukee-based brewer. The company hopes to eventually expand the line nationwide, he said.

The lime green bottles feature green and silver modular designs reminiscent of Aztec art, with the word “Chill” in bold black letters across the front and “Chelada style” below.

Update: Miller Chill goes national.

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  1. I CANNOT stop drinking this beer. maybe that’s a bad thing?? I live in Florida and i’m not mexican and i love it. I never liked Miller before, but seriously i love this. i hope it does well so it stays.

    And to ‘Marshall’ up there…whats artifcial about lime and salt?? nice one, smart guy.

  2. My parents who live in Phoenix brought some of this beer with them on their visit to southern Idaho. They wanted me to try it. Try it I did, wow! I’ve been a Corona fan for years and this stuff is way better. Please don’t waste time, get this beer on the market in Idaho soon. It’s starting to heat up and I’ll be your best customer. This beer goes down real smooth!! A great thirst quencher!

  3. I bought a six pack yesterday – came home and drank one with some popcorn. I can tell you right now 6 ain’t gonna be enough! I bought another 6 pack today! The taste is very smooth and satisfying. I LOVE it! Way to go Miller!!

  4. I visited Texas and tried Chill. LOVE IT! I have told all my friends about it and I am visiting Texas again and will bring back beer to Iowa for them to try. To all those people who don’t like it, wonderful!!!! Can I have yours? Miller, please distribute this beer to the rest of the country. People don’t know what they are missing!!!!!!!!!

  5. Tried it while fishin w/ a couple rednecks. I have always been Budlight and Mich Ultra. This is awesome. Been drinkin it since. Even better than Corona and no lookin like a queer stuffin limes in the bottle! Everyone I know likes it. Only complaint is a little too carbonated.

  6. I tried Chill in Arizona on vacation last week…really liked it after a hot day in the desert. I didn’t know it was a “trial” beer…went to the liquor store here east of the Mississippi and they had never heard of it. Hope it gets here soon!

  7. when is it coming to Colorado because when i drink beer i always add lime and salt

  8. I only drink beer at concerts because…well beer is not my favorite drink…but I tried Chill at a party and I must say, it was a hit with both men and women!! Love it! Good going Miller.

  9. I was lucky enough to be in Florida when it came out. I really like it. I don’t drink alot of beer but when I do it is usually Miller lite.I didn’t know it was a trial. I came back to Michigan and couldn’t find it. I had to go to Milwaukee on Business so I’m all pumped up to bring a trunk full home to share with friends(maybe). I thought for sure Milwaukee would have . No one had even heard of it. What’s up with that!!! I’m, going to Florida next week you better believe I will figure out how to get some home with me. How long before the rest of us have it in our State??? Don’t want to become a bootleger.

  10. My wife and I had it in Arizona! Awesome summer Beer! Now I’m craving one and can’t get it here in MIlwaukee! Home of Miller Beer!

  11. Living in the sunshine state! Lucky for me, it’s here in Florida! Love the new Miller Chill.

  12. Just picked up a case here in Nj first time I saw it. It’s pretty tasty I would compare it with tequiza.

  13. I did try miller chill at a local bar call the Archway Inn it is located in Earlville Md. it was very good when will be be able to buy it in the beer stores in Md., or De.

    I had always use to drink Corona, but the Miller Chill will be my new beer from now on, you don’t have to worry about going to the store to get limes any more.

  14. I had the oppertunity to try a chill at a local bar in wisconsin on a crappy beer night after the bar ran out of pabst men and the crew we asked to try one for the crappy beer price. I wont lie is was a skeptic at first but after tasting i realized this was no crappy beer and was great for the hot muggy wisconsin days

  15. has more in common with a Mike’s hard lemonade (though at a lower alc content) than it does with a real beer. Not a bad drink to come out of the big beer families, but probably a mistake to market under the miller label. All in all, not a drink that I’d order at a bar (I’d prefer a shiner or a tecate), but a good drink to take waterskiing with friends over a vacation weekend. Again, don’t get it expecting a full flavor or a nice lager.

  16. Wow! I recently tried Miller CHILL and was very impressed. I’m a Corona drinker and this new beer is right up my alley. A “hint” of lime makes this beer unique to any others. I’m not too keen on the “pinch” of salt added but I enjoy the overall taste. It’s less expensive than Corona too!

  17. i bought some miller chill today. i heard it was good. they were sold out the day before and then got a shipment in today. at first i was like, this beer sucks. than i had another one and i could taste the salt and lime. for $6.50 a six pack and only 4.2% alchole per bottle i would say i am not to happy. it taste good but no need to make it that much for a 6-pack. its good but knock the price down a couple dollars then i will buy more. from wisconsin keep on drinkin

  18. This stuff just got to Virginia Beach, nice.Miller will kill it with this.Could be bigger than Miller Lite. Very refreshing and unique; nothing on the market compares.

  19. I just drink a bottle of Miller Chill. I will NEVER buy this again. On top of that, I’m stuck with five more bottles because I was a jackass and bought a six-pack. I am a beer drinker and I enjoy beer, light and regular. This is not beer. This is Zima mixed with wine cooler at best. Miller should spend more time making beer, and less time worrying about the next fad. If you must try this swill go to a bar and buy a bottle, that way your not stuck with the five other bottles that you must pawn off on your not so good friends. Bring back Miller Red Label and cut the CRAP!

  20. I believe chill already came out about 10 years ago – it’s called TEQUIZA!! Much smoother flavor.

  21. to Darrel: congrats for getting outside the box and buying something other than Nady aka Nasty aka Shitty Lite… its only about 10 cents more a bottle than miller lite atleast here in atlanta.The Miller chill is a great summer time beer and even you “beer snobs” can admit to enjoying it. Best part is its Cheaper than Cornoa and thats before buying the limes.

  22. This is the worst stuff I ever spent $7.00 on. It tastes like urine from a dehydrated person.

  23. Okay. I’m here in a bar in Washington State and they have a cooler full of this Miller Chill as a promotion. Promoting it as a Corona style beer with the lime and salt already added.

    First impressions: Weak beer with a hint of lime. More like water then beer. So for simply thirst quenching this is probably fine. However when I smell the beer it smells like the ocean surf which is appealing on one level when I think Cabo, but its not appealing as a smell I have to endure when drinking a beer.

    I suggest passing on this beer and instead order a Corona and add a lime manually. That for me would be much more satifying. Even without a lime a Corona would still be a better option IMHO.

  24. I tried Miller Chill today and it’s great. Smooth taste and what I like best not blotting. Try it you’ll like it. Hope it comes in cans soon.

  25. This stuff is awesome!!!! It doesnt taste a thing like that crappy A-B stuff Tequiza tho. Miller brew hit the nail on the head with this!!Perfect timing to launch this with all the heat.
    VIVA LA RAZA!!!!!

  26. Honestly this is the best tasting beer altough i like regualor Miller this is the best in a long time i like what Miller did, like the guy a couple comment up from me thank you guys for stepping up and doing what America loves! nice crisp tasty beer.

  27. Just so everyone knows, *THE MAN LAW* is not a miller lite thing, it is a Milwaukees Best saying. Anyone should try the Miller Chill it is wonderful.

  28. Just purchased a 6 pack and tastes really good. Not like ‘beer good’ but goes down easy with a nice hint of lime. I like it.

  29. I’ve seen the commercial and really wanted to try it but just never got around to it. And after reading this, I’ll grab a 6-pack tomorrow and will be back for my review!

  30. Good stuff great taste goes down good and I normally stay away from domestic beers this is a hit

  31. I really wanted this beer to taste good but instead it tasted like a Miller Lite filled half way with Sprite. It really sucks and I can tolerate pretty bad beer. Those of you who say you love it either work for Miller or just like beer mixed with Sprite and bad beer.

  32. Had high hopes… dashed!! Hated it.. Like a soda. Don’t want a soda… want a beer. I loved Tequiza beer remember that one? Was one of few. But this was palin aweful!! And from the guy that liked Tequiza! I got stuck with 11 more … anyone?

  33. Quite tasty and clever. Beer drinkers have been salting their beer for decades and we know that lime is a very popular addition to la cervesa. It even appears in a nationwide campaign for a popular Mexican brew. Someone at Miller gets it!

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