Miller Chill includes lime, salt in bottle

Miller ChillTired of messing around with lime and salt every time you want to drink a Corona?

Miller Brewing wants to make your life easier. Aiming at the Hispanic market, Miller is introducing a beer already flavored with lime and salt.

Miller Chill, modeled after a popular style of Mexican beer called a “chelada,” will be test marketed throughout Florida, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and San Diego, said Pete Marino, a spokesman for the Milwaukee-based brewer. The company hopes to eventually expand the line nationwide, he said.

The lime green bottles feature green and silver modular designs reminiscent of Aztec art, with the word “Chill” in bold black letters across the front and “Chelada style” below.

Update: Miller Chill goes national.

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  1. About time someone is brave enough to come out with such a “niche” beer. I have been on a personal quest to find my “perfect beer.” However, I have not been able to get away from the lime and salt. It makes all types of alcohol go down more smoothly. When I am in the need to DRINK, you can always find me with a lime and salt in hand. I can’t wait to try it.

  2. In Mexico, the only beer you add lime and salt to are BAD beers! Just like tequila, good tequila does NOT need lime and salt. Corona is drunk by tourists, NOT by Mexicans (unless are from border and are in US “undocumented” and just want to support a Mexican company, which is partially owned by Budweiser!!)

    Yes, Lime and salt WILL make everything taste unlike it’s natural self! Beer is not meant to have lime and salt in it. Am sure lime and salt with urine could be tasty too, but I think I’ll stick to real beer.


  3. It’s a good concept, but why sell yourself short……Go after a popular Mexican Beer Recipe “Michelada”

    And call yours “Mill-Chelada”

    It’s like drinking a bloody mary….”Micheladas” are a popular Mexican drink

    Hussongs makes a good one…also Rock N Taco….and Papas and Beer


  5. that sounds disgusting. As was mentioned above, if the beer is brewed to actually have flavour, then adding artificial flavours to it after the fact isn’t necessary.

  6. i thought there was a man law from miller lite that says “don’t fruit your beer” isn’t this exactly what they are doing. Makes no sense to me.

  7. I just tasted this beer and it is AWESOME! I goes down way smoother than a Celada! I was very impressed! My boyfriend thinks it will be a huge hit with his friends. Now we don’t have to mess with buying limes and making a mess with salt. Since it is brewed with lime, it is way better anyway! Way 2 go Miller!!!

  8. Funny thing! The man law is a Miller Lite thing~ Miller Chill is a completely new beer that is brewed w/the lime and salt. It is also more carbonated than your average beer to give a crisp taste! This is def a beer you wanna try!

  9. For those of you who do like real lime in your beer – I propose new Man Law # 27: OK to fruit with No Fingers in beer- Man have to use a TOOL. See the Lime Bomber. Works great.

  10. I drank a Miller Chill Longneck last night at the pub. No bad. It tasted a little sweet to me, but that might have been due to the fact that I had already drank a couple of Miller Lite Longnecks. I’ll try a Miller Chill to start off with tonight.

  11. Not bad for a bitch beer!!! Goes down smooth, my senorita reallly likes it! Way to go Miller

  12. OMG! Finally!! My friends and I used to grab Coronas from the bodega late at night but they wouldn’t sell lime and salt so we had to suffer. I’m suprised they are not testing it in NYC though. Thank God I’m in San Diego!

  13. Just tried this tonight. I like it! Getting a lime wedge in a bottle without it spewing is a problem I can live without and I have been putting salt in my beer for years. Drink what you like and like what you drink. Can’t be any more simple than that ~ Salud!

  14. this beer tastes great. get over the whole manly beer complex and just admit that it tastes good. i aplaud miller for producing this beer and hope that it enjoys a great future.

  15. I’ve bought a six pack.. (deep south Texas), I drink a lot of this kind of beer with the Coronas, and Sol brand.. This Miller comes close, real close, but it’s a little on the sweet side.

  16. Taste great with Ceviche and chips. A week ago me and my Girlfriend ate Ceviche at our favoret Mex. Seafood Resturant in Chula Vista CA. and we always order Miller lite beer and add a Lime and salt to it while we eat. This pass weekend we went and ate some more Chviche and we seen this little ad on the table about this Miller beer in a green bottle call Miller Chill, and it’s a lite beer, hhhhmmmm! we though. So we tried it and it was soooo gooood to us that we order another bottle. It tasted the way like it….=-) you have to try it if you haven’t yet.

  17. I tried this beer last night with a trial six pack here in Florida. I’ll be buying this beer from now on when I get ready for the beach. The only thing I can say as a negative about this beer is that when I go to Las Vegas here shortly I won’t be able to party it up and drink my new favorite lite beer. I think this will be a hit nationwide and even if its not I hope they keep it here in Florida.

  18. I tried this beer on spring break recently in Florida and I was pleasantly surprised. I’m usually a Corona Light girl but this was a lot easier since I didn’t to mess with a lime. It was very refreshing and I liked the extra carbonation.

    For all the guys who are bashing on it before they’ve even tried it: at least give it a chance and then make your judgment…you might be surprised to find that it’s actually pretty good! 🙂

  19. I like to be open-minded, so– even though after ten years of homebrewing, I’ve become a bit snobbish– I pick up a 6 of these last night, pop the top and take a big hit of the first one… and the first thought that pops into my head is, “Hey, this tastes like a soda.”

    I don’t think it tasted bad, just very light flavor to it… and none, IMHO, from the hops/barley, just lime and a bit of salt. On the upside, the drinkability is outstanding… you could slam these beers al day, if so inclined, and because of that, it could find itself in that specialized niche: beer to drink when you should be drinking water– you know, at the beach, at cookouts, softball games, SAT exams… you get the picture.

    I’ll buy it again when I get the urge to slam a six-pack and go play in the sun.

  20. this beer sucks. it doesnt even tast like beer and its not cheap either. its like $6.50 a six pack in florida and it SUCKS. its even bad compared to wine coolers. how hard can it be for a big company like miller to copy the taste of a corona. it evens comes in a ugly bottle. i love corona in the summer time and was hoping another company would make a corona like beer only cheaper, miller missed the mark on both.

  21. We go two free beers last night at one of our dancehalls we visit. It was awesome and for sure will pick up a six pack at out local store.

  22. Where can I get Miller Chill in San Diego? We really wanna try it, but Von’s doesn’t carry it… Please help!

  23. I tried this beer because I love drinking light beers with salt and lime. It is really good, goes down smooth and doesn’t fill me up. I hope it sticks around, because this is my new favorite.

  24. I thought it was man law to not fruit the beer in those Miller commercials? They just broke man law…what an offal offense!

  25. dude they just killed the man law,
    anyway i drink miller lite for domestic but for mexican i gotta go with carta blanca its just the best tasting mexican beer…
    corona isnt good at all and if u have to add unnatural flavor to a beer just to drink it thats just wrong and being chicano i know mexicans dont drink beer with lemon and salt unless its tecate because its cheap and pretty stong…
    ill still give it a try though,maybe one day when i feel like getting exotic…

  26. It’s all about marketing for Miller Brewing. I grew up & out on Schaffer. In 1974 I tried all the light beers and settled on the Less Filling & Great Taste of MillerLite. The Man Laws are for us REAL Lite Beer Drinkers.

  27. We got a sample over at the Gaslamp Tavern (Great place BTW), and it just sucked.

    Tasted like someone went nuts with the lime, added some fizz and said “Here. Try this. Its beer and beer is good, right?”

    Uhm, no. Just… no.

  28. Well, I tried this after seeing it sitting on a display on NOrth Texas. I was on the way home from Corsicana to Tulsa, Oklahoma. I got it home, got it good and cold, and popped the top. I was absolutely captured at that moment by the taste. I thought “wow, someone has finally captured the taste the the culturally affluent male is looking for after all this time”. Folks, if you like Miller Beer and Lime…YOU WILL LOVE THE NEW CHILL! Please offer this in a 3 point and send to tulsa. I work as a Co-Manager for WalMart and tell you now…VENDORS, BRING IT TO THE DOOR, I WILL PILE IT HIGH AND WATCH IT FLY…U GET THE SPACE FOR THE MASSIVE DISPLAY IN MY STORE(Owasso, Oklahoma!). Miller Beer Company…this is a true win and should be expanded quickly! It’s a winner

  29. I tried chill the other night while out and all I want to know is “did you buy the rights from coca-cola for sprite that has gone flat ? Because that is what this tastes like . absoloutley awfull could not stand it .

  30. I have friends calling me from Arizona telling me I need to try this beer and I don’t know what I’m missing. Get that beer to the Seattle, WA market. Quick!!!

  31. I usually drink bud lite with lime. I cannot stand either Miller Lite or Blondies. THIS BEER ROCKS! Tequiza is good but I can’t drink more than one or two of those. This stuff goes down too easy! I grew up in San Antonio, Texas. The home of Michelada. Finally a beer that does the mexicanos justice.

  32. This beer is very good. I am on vacation in Florida and had the pleasure to try it at a local tiki bar. I was hoping I would be able to find this in New York, but am quite disappointed. Stouts are generally my beer of choice, but was very satisfied with Millers new creation

  33. I picked up a six pack of this in San Diego. It’s OK. It’s on the sweet side and lacks any sort of appreciable hops. I think it could use a bit of bitterness to counter the annoying sweetness. I prefer a Corona w/ lime over this myself.

  34. My cousin and i saw this beer at the local liqour store and i was like “bro we have got to try this shit” sure enough we did and well i found my new favorite beer i honestly think it beats coors light, miller light, and bud light my other top 3 but its just a little pricey (the reason that miller should drop the price so we can start buying mass amounts) a 6 pack was like 9 dollars but i found it to be well worth it and picked up like 4 of them one night and introduced miller chill to some friends they also enjoyed it and then went back to clear the shelves at the place of purchase. In other conclusions thank you miller for creating the words best beer

  35. Miller Chill is the bomb!! Tried it on vacation in Tampa Florida. Now I am in St louis without any Miller Chill. I wish St. Louis was part of the test market, because now I have to go without.

  36. I just tried this while in Arizona and love it. I went through 4 6-packs while on vacation. Luckily I brought some back with me, as I didn’t realize it wasn’t available in Milwaukee (you would think). Hopefully they make it available nationwide, it is a great beer.

  37. Brought it home from Florida. The family loved it! Please make it available in Cleveland.

  38. i am a soldier in the army and have thought about this for the longest time, but my question is why only certain states for trial? although i am from new mexico, i would love to ry it , i understand that it is for trial in the hispanic communityies, but you should see the religous corona and limesalt drinkers in the military communiy, i am stationed in ft. eustis va

  39. NEVER again will i buy this “beer”.

    We were out on the lake a few weeks ago and grabbed a 6-pack of this “beer”. I couldn’t finish mine, told my girlfriend to try it and she hated it, asked another friend to try one and got the same response. Bottom line, 4 beers ended up in the trash unopened.

    Some Mexican restaurants around here sell the type of beer that Miller is trying to recreate. If you have a chance to try one I highly suggest it.

    (Austin, Texas)

  40. i am drinkng this beer right now and i am pretty disappointed. its like in between beer and a mikes hard lemonade or something. it tastes alright, but its certainly not a real beer.

  41. I love this beer! After many jokes on me for adding lime and salt to my beer; like why are you making beer soup? or are you crazy? or is that a Mexican thing? a friend of mine buys a six pack for me and the label states “Inspired by a Mexican recipe” WHOA!! I’m in love!!! I will be purchasing this beer and I hope it sticks around! MICHELADAS ALL THE WAY BABY!!!! Thank you Miller Brewing Company!!!!

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