Little Kings Acquired By Moerleins

Christian Moerlein Brewing Co. of Cincinnati, Ohio, announced today that they’ve purchased the brand Little Kings. The Little Kings Cream Ale, especially in the little 7 oz. green bottles, is a local favorite.

Little Kings Cream Ale

“What we’re about with the return of Little Kings is the same thing that we’ve been doing with Christian Moerlein Lagers and Ales the last four years, which is repositioning the brands to make them relevant with today’s consumers,” CEO Greg Hardman said. Two years ago, he also acquired local beer brands Burger Beer, Hudepohl 14K and Hudy Delight.

3 Replies to “Little Kings Acquired By Moerleins”

  1. Great to hear Little Kings in back in Cincinnati. It’s a brand I grew up with. Our neighbor used to work for Schoenling and always had ‘little killers’ on tap.

  2. I too grew up with the little King…but is it really back in Cincinnati? Isn’t it still brewed in PA? I am glad to hear that Hudy 14k and Burger are coming back, but it would be really cool if they were still brewed here at home. It would produce some jobs too. Most people don’t even know we have a Sam Adams plant in Cincy!

  3. I moved to Alabama with my family in 1979 from Ohio. I have an Uncle who was in love with Little Kings. My father bootlegged 50 cases of Little Kings in 2 UHaul trucks. I was 12 at the time and that was also the first beer I ever tasted.

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