Germany’s Frozen Lake of Beer

An accident just before the new year created one of the weirdest beer phenomenons of all time: a frozen lake of beer! At a busy intersection in Kassel, a city in the center of Germany (in the state of Hesse), a delivery truck careened out of control while trying to make a sharp left turn at the bottom of a hill and, when it toppled over, sent 1,600 beer bottles smashing to the road. 80 crates, or about 800 liters weighing 12 tons quickly froze in temperatures of about 25 degrees Fahrenheit creating small lake of beer, strong enough, apparently, to ice skate on. Sadly, as far as I know no one tried and there are no photographs available. And that’s a shame, because I imagine it would be quite a spectacle. If anyone has a photo of Kassel’s beer lake, by all means send it in so we can share it with the world.

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