For the record: Coors DUI

You are going to read this every where. Coors executive Pete Coors was cited in May for driving under the influence of alcohol after leaving a friend’s wedding celebration.

Coors was driving a 2004 Jaguar when he was pulled over by a Colorado State Patrol trooper just before midnight May 29, according to officials in the Jefferson County District Court clerk’s office.

He was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence and cited for failing to obey a traffic control device.

Coors rolled through a stop sign a block from his home and was stopped by the officer in his driveway, company spokeswoman Kabira Hatland said. She said his blood-alcohol content following a breath test was 0.088 percent, above the legal limit of 0.08 percent.

How would you feel if you rolled a stop sign late a night – in our small (some would say sleepy town) we know to be very careful at stop signs any time after dark – got stopped in your own driveway and then test just over the legal limit (a limit many argue is too low)?