Brew Hub to make Toppling Goliath beers

Toppling Goliath, an Iowa brewery that makes bold-flavored beers highly pursued by beer enthusiasts across the country, has become the latest to strike a deal to have a portion of its beer made by Brew Hub.

Brew Hub was founded in 2012 in St. Louis and is building a network of five breweries across the country that primarily will produce beer for other breweries, such at Toppling Goliath. The first came on line in Lakeland, Fla., last year and the next will open outside St. Louis in 2016. The Lakeland facility will brew Toppling Goliath in 2015, but the St. Louis brewery will make most of it beginning in 2016.

Brew Hub will make PseudoSue and other popular brands in Florida, then ship the beer back to Decorah, Iowa, to be distributed throughout Iowa and Wisconsin. Toppling Goliath also will expand distribution to Minnesota.

Toppling Goliath produced approximately 3,200 barrels of beer in 2014. The partnership with Brew Hub will allow the company to increase its volume to nearly 20,000 barrels annually. Brew Hub will package the beer in cans, bottles and kegs.

“We began brewing our beer in 2009, and the positive response from consumers was almost immediate, but it has been overwhelming,” said Toppling Goliath founder Clark Lewey. “It’s been really gratifying to brew craft beer that people love, but we have been unable to meet consumer demand for several years, which has really been frustrating for us, retailers and consumers. Our partnership with Brew Hub will allow us to grow Toppling Goliath the way we always dreamed, and we could not be more excited.”

Lewey and other members of the Toppling Goliath team toured Brew Hub’s Lakeland, Florida, brewery in 2015 to discuss a potential partnership. During that meeting, Toppling Goliath asked Brew Hub to brew their two flagship brands, PseudoSue and Dorothy’s New World Lager. Lewey wanted to see for himself how well Brew Hub could brew their beer.

“Once I tasted our beers brewed by the Brew Hub team, I got really excited,” Lewey said. “That was the proof I needed to know this partnership was the way forward for Toppling Goliath.”