Economic impact of brewing in New York

The numbers aren’t quite up to date — and given recent growth they would likely be even more impressive — but the growing economic impact of brewing in New York’s state economy is apparent.

Impact of craft beer in New York state

The New York State Brewers Association (NYSBA) &#151 whose motto is “Think New York, Drink New York” — found that in 2013 the impact of craft beer on New York State to total $3.5 billion (up from $2.2 billion in 2012). The figure takes into account the number of full-time jobs generated by the local beer industry (11,366 jobs); wages ($554 million paid); state and local taxes paid ($748 million in taxes); and craft beer tourism ($450 million in tourism dollars).

“When the NYSBA was founded in 2003 there were only 38 breweries in the state, today there are over 200,” David Katleski, NYSBA co-founder David Katleski said in a press released. “Through years of relationship building in Albany, we were able to help craft legislation that laid the foundation for the growth we are seeing today. New York State is certainly on the national radar as a brewing powerhouse, and these numbers show the results of a craft beer friendly New York State.”