Best of Czech beer culture

Evan Rail, author of the Good Beer Guide Prague and the Czech Republic, offers his tips on the best of Czech beer culture at the Guardian Unlimited.

Quite a list of 10, from beer baths to beer hotels to the beer tram.

And then there’s the unpasteurized Pilsner Urquell:

With a name that means “original source,” Pilsner Urquell has staked its claim as the world’s first Pilsner, and it remains one of the country’s favourite producers. However, even many locals don’t know that there are actually two varieties of Pilsner Urquell available on draught here: the regular kind sold throughout Europe, and a special, unpasteurised version sold only in the Czech Republic at special “tank” pubs which forego kegs for high-volume tanks. Without pasteurisation, the rich malt body is far sweeter and the bitter Saaz hops are decidedly sharper and more fragrant.

More malt character; more hop character. We’re there.