Miller to brew Foster’s in the U.S.

Miller Brewing Co. plans to enter a licensing partnership to brew and sell the Australian beer Foster’s Lager in the United States.

Miller is entering a 10-year agreement with Foster’s Group Limited. Under the arrangement, brewing of the Foster’s Lager and Special Bitter brands sold in the U.S. will transfer from Molson Coors of Canada to Miller breweries in Fort Worth, Texas, and Albany, Ga., in November.

The new arrangement will reduce shipping costs and allow Miller to invest more in the brands’ long-term growth, according to a statement Monday from SABMiller Plc, Miller’s corporate parent.

The Foster’s brands would continue to be distributed and marketed in the U.S. through Foster’s USA LLC, a joint venture between Miller and Foster’s Group Limited.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that this represents “a new commitment to the lagging brand.”

3 Replies to “Miller to brew Foster’s in the U.S.”

  1. Remember the Miller Lowenbrau fiasco? Put another shrimp on the Barby and drink an American craft brew. Yeck, Fosters in Texas.

  2. I suppose one effect of this will be that US beer drinkers will discover that there is a brew that’s as bad as (some would say worse than) Dudweiser, Swiller and Curse.

  3. Hear hear Richard! Bang on Mate! It’s a mediocre drop at best that the tourists drink over here in Oz.What many people don’t know is that it was originally created by two American brothers who emigrated to Melbourne
    in the 1920’s so it’s not an overly authentic representation of Australian beer anyway.Don’t fooled by the advertising.

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