Carding Grandpa in Tennessee

Tennessee is set to become the first state in the nation to require proof of age from anyone, no matter the age, who buys beer for off-premises consumption.

The Tennessee Responsible Vendor Act, designed to curb underage drinking, takes effect July 1. It will expire after one year to give lawmakers and vendors a chance to review its effectiveness. The legislation does not apply to the sale of wine and liquor purchases or to beer sales at restaurants and bars.

[Via The Tennessean]

2 Replies to “Carding Grandpa in Tennessee”

  1. I work for a grocery chain that has stors in several states in the east. They started doing this quite some time ago. I understand that it has been common practice at convience stores in the midwest for a couple of years now as well.

  2. While the singling out of beer makes absolutely no sense, I don’t understand the “burden” of providing a driver’s license (or other ID) at the checkout. Your wallet/purse is open to get the cash/credit to pay. Flash your ID and be on your way.

    However, this added gem makes NO sense:
    “Along with mandatory carding, the new law establishes a voluntary Responsible Vendor Program in which retailers who have their clerks undergo a training course will face lesser penalties for underage sales than nonparticipating vendors.”

    Why do retailers who’ve attended (paid for?) a training course, and should therefore be the most prepared, face le$$er penaltie$ for an offense?

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