Always a parade when Fat Tire comes to town

Fat Tire and two other beers from Colorado’s New Belgium Brewing go on sale in Iowa this week, and some people figure that is good reason for a parade.

The Iowa Press-Citizen reports on two fans who drove over from Des Moines to ride their bikes and drink the beer.

About an hour later, they biked in a procession led by an Elvis impersonator who was riding a red Fat Tire cruiser to deliver a ceremonial first case of Fat Tire to John’s Grocery, 401 E. Market St.

Fat Tire, with its quirky label that displays a red bike with swollen tires, has made a mark amongst cyclists, college students, craft beer lovers and environmentalists, among others.

Starting when the parade arrived and then throughout the dreary, rainy Monday, John’s sampled the three varieties of the company’s beer that now are being sold in the state – Fat Tire Amber Ale, a light Belgian-style beer with mild hops and malt; 1554, a black ale; and Mothership Wit, an organic Belgian wheat – and collected entry forms for the red bicycle giveaway.

“I am just happy I will not have to keep telling people why they can’t have Fat Tire,” John’s Grocery “Bier guy” Doug Alberhasky said while pouring for the early morning crowd.

Initially Iowans will be able to buy only those three beers and in 22-ounce bottles. In about three months, kegs and six packs also will be distributed.

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