‘We Don’t Serve Teens Week’

“We Don’t Serve Teens Week” begins today and Anheuser-Busch is placing ads in Newsweek, TIME and US News & World Report as well on nearly 900 billboards.

The government initiated the program in 2006. “We Don’t Serve Teens” provides parents and other adults with tools and information to prevent underage drinking and its negative consequences.

A survey of teens conducted by the GfK Roper Youth Report shows the majority of teens (69%) ages 13 to 17 have consistently cited their parents as the No. 1 influence on their decisions to drink or not.

3 Replies to “‘We Don’t Serve Teens Week’”

  1. Utter nonsense – “we’ll send teens tio Iraq to get shot at , let them vote, marry, have kids, buy guns, smoke, but OH MY GAHD don’t let them learn to appreciate one of the great joy-bringing experiences on the planet in a civilised manner – teach them to regard it as a rebellion to drink alcohol, something that has to be done furtively and at risk of the wrath of the law …@

  2. I agree with Zythophile, and at 18 I think teens should be able to have a drink and start learning the pleasures of a good beer, not just learning how to get drunk. However, since it’s currently illegal to do so do we really need a week devoted to following the law? What’s next, “We Won’t Rob Banks Week”?

  3. Yep. Teens can serve us (in the military), but we won’t serve them (alcohol). The force is strong in the auto insurance lobby.

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