Great American Beer Festival larger still

GABF logoJust in case 1,600-plus beers to choose from at the Great American Beer Festival in 2006 wasn’t enough for you, here are the numbers for this year:

– The GABF’s beer list has grown to 1,884 beers, a boost of 230 beers beyond last year.
– 34 breweries have also been added to the GABF beer list, upping the brewery tally to 408.
– In the GABF beer judging, the number of beers risen by 380 to a total of 2,806.

“The GABF’s expanded beer list is a reflection of America’s love of craft beer,” says festival director Nancy Johnson. “At this year’s registration deadline, we realized the beer totals were huge, bigger than our anticipated growth. And we kept getting requests from breweries wanting to serve more beers, and new breweries wanting to pour beer at the festival. So we raised the cap on beers and bought more draft gear.”

You can have all kinds of fun with these numbers. For instance, if you drank two bottles a day it would take you three days and 10 months to work your way through 2,806 beers.