Alaskan beers headed to Minnesota

Alaskan Brewing will begin selling its beers in Minnesota in May. Original Gravity, a network of locally-owned craft distributors, to make the beer available in the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs.

“We have had a lot of interest in Alaskan Brewing and so have our customers,” Original Gravity’s Hans “Hanszee” Lofgren said. “We are extremely happy to be bringing their award-winning beers to market.”

This is the first new market entrance for Alaskan since entering Colorado in mid 2008. With the addition of Minnesota, Alaskan beer will be available in 11 states.

“Alaskans and Minnesotan’s have a lot in common – cold winters, a love of the outdoors and a growing appreciation for quality craft beer,” said Alaskan Brewing co-Founder Marcy Larson. “We’ve been getting letters, calls and emails from thirsty Minnesotans for years – we’re thrilled to finally be answering the call.”