Deschutes Brewery boosts capacity

Deschutes Brewery this week announced that it has finalized plans to expand its brewery headquarters in Bend, Oregon. Deschutes will add five fermentation tanks to keep up with growing demand. The brewery will also remodel its tasting rooms and gift shop.

“Demand is rising in our local market and among our loyal fans in the states where we sell our beer,” said Gary Fish, president and founder of Deschutes Brewery. “This expansion is an investment in our future to make sure that we are ready for the increased demand.”

The will create a new building to house the fermentation tanks, a new two-story building that will hold future processing equipment, an electrical control room and new restrooms and showers for the staff. The expansion will allow Deschutes to produce an additional 105,000 barrels per year, along with enhanced processes to continue ensuring beer quality and consistency. This will be the first phase in a two-phase expansion. The second phase will take place in several years and include five more fermentation tanks.

Water and energy efficiencies are built in to the new design, including the installation of a continuous use cleaning system and the addition of a water re-use tank which will save thousands of gallons of water and energy per year. Additional sustainability features include a heated warm rinse tank, which will save hot water and steam for tempering tanks between cycles. The brewery will continue with designs to capture CO2 from the fermenting process and decrease waste to the city sewer system.

Construction on the space is slated to begin mid-May 2011.