When not to drink chocolate beer

Milwaukeean Joe Kirschbaum does not buy chocolate beer.

Further the Journal Sentinel reports:

Or beer that smells like flowers.

“If you are at a Packers game and you are drinking a glass of flowers, c’mon!” says Joe. “You just don’t do that.”

This fun look at new-flavored beers was inspired by Miller’s announcement it is rolling out Frederick Miller Classic Chocolate Lager.

Columnists Mike Nichols continues:

If you’re drinking a real beer, the only thing that improves with age is the woman sitting at the bar next to you.

What sort of woman, by the way, goes out with a guy who sniffs his beer?

Now you’re getting personal.

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  1. Sounds like Mr. Nichols has issues. As a lifetime Packer fan, in a serious relationship with a beautiful woman, savoring beer (including the nose) is quite enjoyable. Capital Wisconsin Amber is a favoite during the game, or an Autumnal Fire — which has a wonderful nose and ages quite well.


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