What’s on tap at Whole Foods?

Would you shop some place that offered these beers? In growlers? At these prices?

Brooklyn Brewery Blanche de Brooklyn
Hazy, pale golden wheat beer. Refreshing palate with a fruity zing in the aroma.
$8.99 / 64 oz.

Sixpoint Brownstone Ale
Diverse blend of 11 different malt varieties creates an unmistakable chocolate flavor.
$8.99 / 64 oz.

Kelso of Brooklyn Hop Lager
A pale lager with a full, smooth flavor, spicy hop nose, and a crisp, herbal finish.
$7.99 / 64 oz.

Captain Lawrence Liquid Gold
Aromas of orange, spice and green grass. Clean malt-dominated flavor.
$8.99 / 64 oz.

Ommegang Ommegeddon
Ommegeddon is a strong blonde ale with a sharp citrus flavor and a dry finish.
$17.99 / 64 oz.

Bluepoint No Apologies Double IPA
Huge, earthy, dry hop aroma is followed by a pleasant caramel sweetness.
$9.99 / 64 oz.

This is the current list at the Whole Foods Market Bowery beer room in New York City, which features more than 200 different beers in bottles.

Based upon the comments to several stories at Racked New York the store has tried a variety of “gimmicks” to attract customers.

This looks more like good business to us than a gimmick.

More: About the Beer Room, Inside the beer room (with photos).

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  1. Unfortuantly I live in a small town in Texas so my choices are Bud, Miller and Shiner. Otherwise it’s a 40 mile drive to even find local favorites like St Arnold. So the short answer is “in a flash”

  2. Wow, this is the sort of thing that would actually persuade me to go grocery shopping with the mrs.

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