Beerdrinker of the Year search begins

And soon there will be 12.

Hard to believe that when Wynkoop Brewing’s 2008 Beerdrinker of the Year is chosen next Feb. 23 that there will be a dozen in the club.

The call has gone out for entries:

Resumes must include each entrant’s beerdrinking philosophy and details highlighting their passion for beer. Resumes should discuss the entrant’s understanding of beer, its history, and its importance to civilization. And what efforts the entrant undertakes to hip others to the joys of great beer and its culture.

Resumes must be received by Wynkoop by no later than December 31, 2007.

The 2008 Beerdrinker of the Year wins free beer for life at Wynkoop Brewing Company and $250 of beer at their local brewpub or beer bar. They also win apparel proclaiming them The 2008 Beerdrinker of the Year, and they have their name engraved on the Beerdrinker of the Year trophy at Wynkoop.

The rules and details:
• Resumes must include the entrant’s personal philosophy of beerdrinking.
• Do not enter if you are currently employed by a brewery.
• Resumes with rich beeriness and humor are welcomed.
• Resumes cannot exceed three 8 1⁄2″ x 11″ pages and must be written in 12-point or larger font.
• Resumes must include the entrant’s home brewpub or beer bar, and T-shirt size.
• Resumes created in Word can be emailed to Wynkoop Brewing Company (sent as an email attachment) to .

Beerdrinker of the Year resumes can also be sent by mail to:

The Beerdrinker of the Year
Wynkoop Brewing Company
1634 Eighteenth Street
Denver, Colorado 80202