What would George Thorogood drink?

Straub Brewery in Pennsylvania’s Allegheny Mountains, the smallest remaining “old-style” brewery in the country, has rolled out a third brand.

George Thorogood and the Destroyers played at a concert to celebrate the debut of Peter Straub Special Dark.

The beer is available only on tap for now, because the brewery’s bottling line is running at capacity to keep up with deman for Straub Premium and Light, both sold mostly in St. Mary’s and the immediate region.

“This beer is our answer to the rise in craft brewing market. A lot of people are trying different beers. We’re trying to open up an option for them to try something from our brewery that is a little different,” said Straubs Sales Representative Gene Williams.

The brewery is famous, of course, for its Eternal Tap. Customers may walk in (during business hours) and pour themselves a free beer.

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  1. Nevermind what George would think, what does Jim Koch think? Isn’t Sam Adams using a GT & The Deleware Destroyers tune in their commercials?

  2. where can I pickup a few of those eternal taps. . .the local watering holes around here could use some!

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