Vote for a national hop

First California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed a measure that would have designated zinfandel the historic wine of California. He said the state produces many fine wines from different grape varietals and that it would be “inappropriate” to single out one for special recognition.

That was followed by this post in the blog called Shiraz:

Breaking News: Late yesterday Australia’s Prime Minister John Howhard announced that his government had passed legislation making Shiraz the national grape. “This decision is not about choosing one variety over another. It recognises Shiraz in its historical role in laying the foundation for the Australian wine industry,” he said.

It was a joke, but maybe there is something in this for the beer industry.

Why not name a national hop?

What would it be? Cascade, which played such an important role in the rise in craft beer? Maybe the fabulously versatile Centennial.

How about Cluster, long the stalwart? Maybe a frsiky newcomer like Simcoe or Summit.

What would you pick?

2 Replies to “Vote for a national hop”

  1. For historic purposes wouldn’t that be Fuggle or maybe Willamette?

    Those hops don’t get a lot of attention but still are pretty good.

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