Brewing boss suggests winter GBBF

Caledonian brewery chief Stephen Crawley said the Great British Beer Festival should be moved to winter.

Crawley also suggested that brewers need to be involved more directly in organizing the event. The Campaign for Real Ale runs GBBF and CAMRA chief Mike Benner was quick to replay to Crawley.

“The question is irrelevant because we had 66,000 people attend this year – 20,000 more than last year,” Benner said. “By holding the festival in August we attract alot of tourists and we have no problems keeping the beer cool.”

One Reply to “Brewing boss suggests winter GBBF”

  1. I’m not surprised it was Caledonian that suggested it; Scottish real ales are the ones that have to travel farthest (apart of course from the few transatlantic casks) and as such tend to get condemned the most.

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