Utopias tops spirits in blind tasting

Samuel Adams Utopias outscored two highly rated spirits last week in a blind tasting in Chicago.

The 2007 batch of Utopias, checking in at a beer-record 27% abv, lined up against Frapin VIP XO Grand Champagne and Fonseca 1994 Vintage Port from Portugal in an event at David Burke’s Primehouse Restaurant.

Utopias received a total of 287 points, while Fonseca 1994 Vintage Port scored 249 points. Receiving 227 total points was Frapin VIP XO Grand Champagne. Anthony Dias Blue, editor-in-chief of Patterson’s The Tasting Panel Magazine, and Wine and Spirits editor, Bon Appétit (1981–2004) led the tasting.

“My goal with Samuel Adams Utopias was to challenge the very definition of beer,” said Jim Koch, founder of Boston Beer Co., producer of Samuel Adams beers. “I’ve always strived to see how complex and unique a beer could be and to expand people’s perception of beer. The 2007 batch of Samuel Adams Utopias definitely takes craft beer to a new level.”

The 2007 Utopias is a blend of liquids, some of which have been aged in a variety of woods at the Boston Brewery for up to 13 years. A portion of the beer was aged in hand-selected, single-use bourbon casks from the Buffalo Trace Distillery.

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  1. I recently purchased a container of UTOPIAS for a christmas present for my son in the Navy. I would like the address to purchase the glass
    Could u help me out?! Thanx

  2. Read the black tag attached to the neck of the bottle. You can get the glass for free by going to the web site. There is a number on the tag that you need to get the glass for free. It is a beautiful glass made by a top notch company, Riedel.

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