Town not sure it wants brewery

Boston Beer Company’s plan to build a brewery in Freetown, Mass., has run into opposition. Voters will decide the issue Monday at the special town meeting.

Boston Beer still hasn’t decided if it would develop a brewery in Freetown, but if the measure is approved and the company goes ahead a brewery could be producing Samuel Adams beers in 2008.

“We feel as if in this point in time we do not have the infrastructure. We do not have available water and sewer,” said David Theriault, chairman of the town’s finance committee. Theriault, emphasizing that the town should have a water usage and sewer line plan before finalizing plans or negotiating TIFs. “There could be problems with Fall River with only allowing a certain amount of water.”

It is interesting that residents of one town aren’t sure they want a brewery, while those in another – Latrobe – are fighting to keep their brewery (and the jobs it provides).