Top 50 Breweries in America

The Brewers Association has also just announced the top 50 breweries in the U.S. based on sales, by volume, for 2008. This includes all breweries, regardless of size or other parameters. Here is the 2008 list:

  1. Anheuser-Busch InBev; St Louis MO
  2. MillerCoors; Chicago IL
  3. Pabst Brewing; Woodridge IL
  4. Boston Beer Co.; Boston MA
  5. D. G. Yuengling and Son; Pottsville PA
  6. Sierra Nevada Brewing; Chico CA
  7. Craft Brewers Alliance (Widmer/Redhook); Portland OR
  8. New Belgium Brewing; Fort Collins CO
  9. High Falls Brewing; Rochester NY
  10. Spoetzl Brewery (Gambrinus); Spoetzl TX
  11. Pyramid Breweries; Seattle WA
  12. Deschutes Brewery; Bend OR
  13. Iron City Brewing (fka Pittsburgh Brewing); Pittsburgh PA
  14. Minhas Craft Brewery; Monroe WI
  15. Matt Brewing; Utica NY
  16. Boulevard Brewing; Kansas City MO
  17. Full Sail Brewing; Hood River OR
  18. Magic Hat Brewing Company; South Burlington VT
  19. Alaskan Brewing; Juneau AK
  20. Harpoon Brewery; Boston, MA
  21. Bell’s Brewery; Galesburg MI
  22. Goose Island Beer; Chicago IL
  23. Kona Brewing; Kailua-Kona HI
  24. Anchor Brewing; San Francisco CA
  25. August Schell Brewing; New Ulm MN
  26. Shipyard Brewing; Portland ME
  27. Summit Brewing; Saint Paul MN
  28. Stone Brewing; Escondido CA
  29. Mendocino Brewing; Ukiah CA
  30. Abita Brewing; New Orleans LA
  31. Brooklyn Brewery; Brooklyn NY
  32. New Glarus Brewing; New Glarus WI
  33. Dogfish Head Craft Brewery; Lewes DE
  34. Long Trail Brewing; Bridgewater Corners VT
  35. Gordon Biersch Brewing; San Jose CA
  36. Rogue Ales/Oregon Brewing; Newport OR
  37. Great Lakes Brewing; Cleveland OH
  38. Lagunitas Brewing; Petaluma CA
  39. Firestone Walker Brewing; Paso Robles CA
  40. SweetWater Brewing; Atlanta GA
  41. Flying Dog Brewery; Denver CO
  42. BJs Restaurant & Brewery; Huntington Beach CA
  43. Rock Bottom Brewery Restaurants; Louisville CO
  44. Bridgeport Brewing; Portland OR
  45. Odell Brewing; Fort Collins CO
  46. Victory Brewing; Downington PA
  47. Straub Brewery; Saint Mary’s PA
  48. Cold Spring Brewery; Cold Spring MN
  49. Mac and Jack’s Brewery; Redmond WA
  50. Big Sky Brewing; Missoula MT

15 Replies to “Top 50 Breweries in America”

  1. Every one knows that the top beer–by quality, not quantity–is from Oregon, cradle of the microbrew culture.

  2. Hello, does anyone know (besides Redhook and Sam Adams which I know are public) which Microbrews in this list are public companies ?

  3. What a rich palette of beers to choose from! A special thanks to number 6 on the list! They were instrumental in ushering in the new era of American Beer Variety. Cheers to pro-choice and local clinics such as the one in Sao Paolo Brazil which helped a 9 year old girl sentenced to death by her rapist father. Jeers to the Brazilian Catholic Bishop who excommunicated her, her mother, and the clinic physician but not her father! (Check the New York Times article) Think I’ll buy a case of Sierra Nevada!

  4. Jim- Try and pick up Charlie Papazian’s book: The Complete Joy of Homebrewing. Both great sources of information

  5. You know i’m drinking a wheat beer from the boulevard brewery and yes its a good beer but i dont think it should have a better rating then dogfishhead which produces some of the best beers i’ve ever tasted

  6. Minor correction… Flying Dog (#41 in list) is now brewed in Frederick MD.

  7. I need a brewery that can make a craft beer in a can, preferably in Florida…

    My initial run budget is 220,000 cans 8oz and 12 oz

    brent Downtown St Petersburg FL cell 727 565 8775

  8. I am very surprised not to see Stout’s Brewery, Adamstown, PA. What a fantastic line of beers they have.

  9. I’m glad they said “in America” and not American. I don’t consider Anheuser-Busch American. The comment was already made that sales quantity does not in any way, shape or form imply quality. Amen.

  10. I avoid any bud product because when tjey introduce a new product, they shove another fine beer out of the store. With all of their items, the store coolers look like a Bud plant. The last brand that they pushed out was Boulavard. The best wheat beer I have ever tasted.

  11. I could care less about volume numbers – as stated, all that matters is quality & you need to look to microbrews for that.

  12. If Budweiser is the top brewer in the US, then why are they terminating their sponsorship of Kenny Bernstein’s Top Fuel Dragster after this season?

  13. I would have put Sand Creek , of Black River Falls, Wisconsin on this list, somewere near the top I think.

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