This Bud’s for your . . . child’s name

Reports abound that actor Matthew McConaughey wants to name his unborn son “Bud,” after – you guessed it – Budweiser beer.

A source close to the actor said: “Matthew’s older brother Michael named his second son Miller Lyte because he loved the beer so much. And Matthew loved the name so much he really wants to name his son after his favorite beer. He is thinking of going for Bud after Budweiser beer.”

However, Brazilian model Camila, the boy’s mother, is less than impressed with his choice of name.

The source added: “Camila is pretty old-fashioned. She hates the name and won’t let Matthew push her into this.”

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  1. Well….at least one of them has good sense. My sister named her fraternal twins Whiskey and Brandy. I assume that’s what she was drinking when they were conceived?

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