The Return of Tastes Great, Less Filling

The beginning of this year’s football season will see the return of those iconic Miller Lite television commercials where sports figures, comedians and other celebrities debated whether Miller Lite tasted great or was less filling. The “Great Taste, Less Filling” tag line debuted over thirty years ago and was responsible for reviving Miller Brewing and pushing them into the second place spot, behind Anheuser-Busch.

Miller Lite

The newly created MillerCoors LLC is reintroducing the successful spots as part of a strategy to grow both Miller Light and Coors Light, both of which are behind Bud Light in the low-calorie beer sales race.

2 Replies to “The Return of Tastes Great, Less Filling”

  1. Miller brews a great product, but I think they should air some of the old commercials along with the new. I know I am showing my age but I can remember them as a kid watching football and seeing Bob Euker and guys like Joe Piscopo that was when we didn’t have simulated sex during the half time show during the super bowl.

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