The ‘Latinization’ of American beer

Don Russell (Joe Sixpack) reports on the “Latinization” of America, specifically American beer.

So, what’s driving Latin American beer sales? Immigrants surely are a big part of it.

An estimated 45 million Latinos live in the United States. Naturally, many reach for familiar brands from their homelands. But that isn’t the only reason you see more and more people with limes stuck in their longnecks.

Russell suggest that the melting pot in action is “something that should be welcomed by every beer lover.”

He’s also candid about the beers themselves, writing: “As explorations go, Latin American beer isn’t exactly Mount Everest.”

3 Replies to “The ‘Latinization’ of American beer”

  1. Not only are the big commercial breweries creating they “latin beers” (Miller Chil and Chelada by Budweiser) but have you seen the new Mexican Microbrews making its way across the border up here? Have you heard of TIjuana Brewing Company, Cucapa Brewing Company?

  2. One possibility may be the middle class now commonly vacationing in Mexico along with the increasing American celebration of Cinco de Mayo. Certainly Mexican beers are on par or exceed the large breweries (Bud, Coors, etc) as far as taste goes. One of my favorite beers to order at Mexican restaurants is Negro Modelo, a great beer in its own right for drinkability. The more the merrier, right?

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