Study find OBF adds $30 million to Portland economy

A study conducted by an Eastern Oregon University political science class estimates the 2012 Oregon Brewers Festival added $30 million to the local economy.

Prof. Jeff Dense and his students administered 680 on-site interviews at Tom McCall Waterfront Park between July 26 and July 28. Dense then utilized IMPLAN (IMpact Analysis for PLANning), a data and software package, to estimate the economic impact of the Oregon Brewers Festival on Multnomah County. He determined that the 2012 OBF generated $21.15 Million in direct and $8.87 Million in indirect economic output.

“The Oregon Brewers Festival has a profound impact on the local economy,” said for a press release. “Although the tourism industry is the primary beneficiary of the OBF, a wide range of local industries economically benefit from the country’s largest outdoor beer festival.”

Findings of the study include:

* The $8.9 Million indirect economic impact of the Oregon Brewers Festival affects 91 local industry sectors more than $10,000.
* More than 350 jobs were created as a result of the OBF.
* The 2012 OBF generated a total added value of $11.8 Million.
* Visiting OBF patrons spent an average of $649.
* Accommodations ($9.31 Million) and food and drink ($7.96 Million) accounted for the majority of OBF visitor expenditures.
* The majority of OBF patrons were out-of-town visitors.
* Nearly a third (30.3%) of OBF attendees participated in beer tourism during their visit, visiting area breweries and brewpubs.
* More than half of OBF patrons (52.1%) were attending the festival for the first time.
* Women accounted for a significant percentage (33%) of OBF attendees.
* While 21-29 year old attendees constitute the largest age demographic (30.2%) of OBF patrons, the 50-plus crowd has a significant presence (26%) at the festival.