South Carolina breweries ask for consumer help

Support Your Local BreweryThis call to action is intended for South Carolina residents.

South Carolina Beer Lovers,

We are asking you to get in touch with your elected officials to support legislation beneficial to SC breweries.

House Bill 3693 will allow a brewery in SC the ability to sample 4 brands and sell up to a case equivalent (288 ounces) per person per day. The case equivalent volume includes sales in any size containers, such as growlers (this is big for us!). While still restricted, the fact that we can now have tours, limited samples and ANY sales direct is a major milestone for South Carolina.

This bill will allow us, the small brewers of South Carolina, to interact with consumers and represent the beer personally, the beer we work so hard to brew. We also hope the resulting increased direct sales will allow for expansion and growth.

Already passed by the House, HB 3693 is currently under consideration by a subcommittee of the Senate Judiciary Committee and is scheduled for a vote on Tuesday, May 4. Because it is possible the full committee will vote the same day the subcommittee votes, we are asking you to call and/or email ALL members of the full Committee IMMEDIATELY and express your support for passage of this legislation.

Let these Senators know that you want them to support you as a beer consumer and the small brewers of the state by passing this bill. Let them know that this is good for businesses, consumers and the state’s economy by making South Carolina breweries more competitive with breweries in neighboring states.

Judiciary Committee (the 4 subcommittee members are starred)

Lee Bright
Paul G. Campbell, Jr.*
George “Chip” E. Campsen, III
Raymond E. Cleary, III*
Creighton B. Coleman
Tom Davis
Robert Ford
Bradley C. Hutto
John “Jake” M. Knotts, Jr.
Joel Lourie
Gerald Malloy
Larry A. Martin
Shane R. Martin
Shane A. Massey
Glenn F. McConnell, Chair
Michael “Mick” J. Mulvaney*
Floyd Nicholson*
Luke A. Rankin
Michael T. Rose
John L. Scott, Jr.
Vincent A. Sheheen
Phillip W. Shoopman
Kent M. Williams*

Thanks and cheers!

South Carolina Brewers Association