Sierra Nevada bottles Anniversary Ale

For the first time in its 27-year history, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. will release its Anniversary Ale in bottles.

“When we heard people had driven all the way from San Francisco last year to try some of this beer, and how disappointed they were when they couldn’t take some home, we figured it was time to make our Anniversary Ale available to everyone on a consistent basis,” said brewery founder and CEO Ken Grossman.

Sierra Nevada historically has been able to produce its Anniversary Ale only intermittently.

“Ever since we put out our 25th Anniversary Ale in 2005, the demand to make this an annual beer has increased,” said Sierra Grossman, the company’s brand manager. “Since we don’t offer growlers to-go at the brewery, people have been pretty frustrated over the years that they haven’t been able to take any Anniversary Ale home.”

The 2007 Anniversary Ale features prominent usage of Cascade hops – the signature hop used in Sierra Nevada’s most popular product, Pale Ale. A company press release describes it as “an American Style IPA with a big, fragrant pine and citrus hop aroma balanced by the sweetness of two-row pale and caramel malt. It finishes with an additional Cascade dry-hopping creating a big hop aroma Sierra Nevada fans will look forward to.”

5 Replies to “Sierra Nevada bottles Anniversary Ale”

  1. So, is this just a double-hopped SNPA? Was there any info given on the recipe that indicates it’s any more different, other than the hopping?

  2. They are calling it an IPA.

    And I’ve seen it described as much the same as a draft beer they called “Torpedo” last year. Because of the long vessel it was dry hopped in. (Haven’t seen it, so can’t really describe.)

  3. The person quoted is named “Sierra Grossman”? I think they meant Ken.

    This beer sounds a lot like Celebration Ale. I look forward to trying it.

  4. Anybody know the distribution range of this, I’d love to try one but Atlanta is pretty far away.

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