Sierra 30: The pioneers have spoken

What is Sierra Nevada 30: A Collaboration of Brewing Pioneers?

This video, featuring the protagonists, includes ruminations on the last 30 years and a hint of what beers to expect in celebration of Sierra Nevada Brewing’s anniversary.

More at the Sierra 30 website.

2 Replies to “Sierra 30: The pioneers have spoken”

  1. Five giants.

    I can’t wait to try all these beers from men, to a man, I have the upmost respect for and while I’ve met only two I consider all of them mentors. To be in the room with the man who started the first craft brewery, two of the most sucessful craft brewers, the guru of homebrewing and my personnel hero. Get in line early, because I’ll be there.

  2. Very classy, guys. You are the true heroes of craft brewing. Save me a beer…
    Your Red Tail bud,

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