Sapporo now ‘lifestyle brand’

And you thought Sapporo was a beer.

The brewing company is billing itself as more, in this case a lifestyle brand, by launching a campaign called “Sapporo Inspired,” a marketing program that allows Sapporo to create co-branded products with brands within the apparel category.

This spring, over 30 Sapporo inspired products created by 9 different brands including Jhung Yuro, Ciano Farmer, Crooks and Castles, New Era, Jungle Gurl, Cassette, Alex Nash, Artful Dodger, and Zero Halliburton, were presented on the runway at Sapporo Inspired, a fashion show which took place at Mansion in Miami Beach.

Already the most popular Japanese beer imported into the U.S., Sapporo Premium has doubled its sales since Sapporo began working with Epiphany Media in 2005.

“We are excited to see the impact these brilliant (apparel) products has had for our Sapporo client, the traction the brand has experienced has been nothing short of amazing,” says Coltrane Curtis, the founder and Creative Director of Epiphany Media.