Sam Adams drinkers pick Brown Ale

The beer drinkers have spoken and Samuel Adams will brew a brown ale.

Samuel Adams Brown Ale joins the Samuel Adams Brewmaster’s Collection this month, and in February will be available in six-packs.

And all because consumers voted for it over Samuel Adams Bohemian Pilsner. Brown Ale received 6,649 votes in the Beer Lover’s Choice program and Bohemian Pilsner 5,109. Sam Adams offered drinkers samples at more than 400 tasting events during September and October, then they cast their votes.

Sam Adams Brown is brewed with a blend of two-row malts, as well as caramel, Munich and roasted Carafa malts. Brewers finished the beer with Spalt Spalter and English Goldings hops.

9 Replies to “Sam Adams drinkers pick Brown Ale”

  1. I just had a 6 pack of it the other day from my store. It makes for a pretty solid brown ale. It has that general Sam Adams quality, clearly thought out and crafted but still has that mass produced carbonated substance. I would recommend it over any other American brown ale I’ve had….Dogfish is good but it’s way too sweet for my taste. It has a medium body, and it also has fairly prominent finish. In other words it still has a sweeter as opposed to skunk flavor that the European style brown ales tend to have but it still carries that signature Sam Adams drinkability that allows enjoyment from the general beer drinking population and the more open minded beer geeks out there that don’t disregard a beer that doesn’t have a shark or a devil imprinted on the label.

  2. Several years ago, I was in Boston. Drove there from Amsterdam, NY after driving from Pittsburgh, PA, after flying from California… Specifically to visit the brewery. Before my tour of the brewery I was sent to a wonderful Irish pub (the name escapes me) “down the street” and while there, I had a brown ale. I swore it was Sam Adams, but over the years, since I haven’t seen a SA Brown Ale I began to doubt my thoughts…
    Was I correct? or was I wrong? It was a delicious Brown Ale…

  3. Marvin – Sam Adams often puts “one off” brews on tap at Doyle’s. Although Doyle’s serves a number of beers it is entirely possible the Brown you had was from the Boston pilot brewery.

  4. Dee-lish. Just got one of the new Brewmaster mix packs
    that contained 2 of these and I downed both
    of them after dinner this evening. A lovely
    brown ale that goes down smooth with a
    distinct nutty, caramel, and malty flavor.
    I’ll be looking for this in six packs but right
    now my local store only carries it in the
    mix pack 12 pack with five other SA brews.

  5. I recently bought a keg of beer and kept it cold for a while – it ended up getting warm (not hot) and now I am wondering if it will still be good to drink? I appreciate your thoughts.

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