4 Replies to “Funeral dirge for PBR?”

  1. pabst is the only beverage that i can take over to a friends house for the weekend, stick it in his own fridge, and know that each time i go back into the fridge, each and every PBR will still be there cold and waiting for ME. whether or not Pabst is a ‘hipster’ beer or not doesn’t make it any worse (or better) than before. i dont drink PBR because its cheap, i drink PBR because it tastes good.

  2. Give me a break, PBR has been a staple for more years than I care to think about… sometimes I get really tired of the in-crowd “discovering” some thing “new”. I’ve been drinking PBR and wearing kakais for more years than most of these kids have been alive, and really don’t care whats “HIP”.

  3. They are tearing down the PBR “Big Bottle” in Newark ,NJ. It’s a landmark and should be preserved as an historical structure.It is a huge liquid storage structure like a water tower.
    The plant was first built and used by The Hoffman Soda Company.They were a local company that produced mostly soft drinks.Pabst Brewing Company took over the building sometime around 1965.The “Big Bottle” was featured in many news features. I do remember seeing, some time ago that 13 men could lay down on the bottle cap ! I’ll see if I can find a pic and post it.

    Ols School PBR drinker.

  4. Ahhh what a world we got here. PBR is rust belt chic and keeps selling more every quarter. There’s no way in hell an overpriced skunk-fest like St Pauli Girl is going to displace PBR as the drink of choice in the indie clubs. There’s nothing wrong with Pauli – besides the price – when it’s fresh. However, there’s a little matter of a month long boat ride and two weeks basting in the sun-toasted back of a semi trailer to contend with. Bremen ain’t down the road like the Pabst brewery is. The journey from the old country takes time and money. Hip is young and young is poor. Maybe some silly silver spooned Eastern kids will blow their money on an image, but there’s a difference between hip and trendy. We Milwaukeans know: tasty cheap beer never goes out of style. $6.29 gets me twelve bottles of fresh, traditionally brewed, German-American lager. Not only does it have the fresh and cheap advantage, but I’m not supporting A-B’s ridiculous global machine or even SAB’s attempt at the same. I’m pooring my meager paycheck back into the great Burg of Brewers. PBR is flavorful, with a nice little hint of hoppiness that distinguishes it from ninety percent of the similarly priced brands. It has a pleasant clean aftertaste, and its higher than usual carbonation makes for a crispness that works wonders on a hot day. True, schnazzy it is not. But when I want some pre-show beers to cool my pallette, I reach for a couple two three of dem PBR’s, I kid you not.

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