Protz & Penguins, plus Heineken in India

In the event you missed the dust up between British beer writer Roger Protz and upstart Scottish brewery BrewDog you might start with a little background if you are to appreciate this cartoon from The Publican.

– Cincinnati Restaurant Group Inc., which operates a Hofbräuhaus in Newport, Ky., under license from the famous beer hall of the same name in Munich, Germany, announced it had dropped plans to either lease or buy the former Pabst visitors center and hall inn Milwaukee. However, a spokesman for the group said they are still looking at other locations at the former Pabst complex, now known as The Brewery. Meanwhile a developer proceeding with plans to operate a tavern at the visitors center and Blue Ribbon Hall.

Heineken has reached an agreement with India-based United Breweries that will allow the Dutch brewer to brew and sell its own brand of beer in that growing market. Heineken’s managed the breakthrough via a deal with Indian tycoon Vijay Mallya and his United Breweries, brewer of Kingfisher, to distribute Heineken beer in what it called “one of the world’s fastest growing and most exciting beer markets.” The Wall Street Journal has details about the intricate transaction, revealing how complicated the business of big beer can be.