Oskar Blues to produce whiskey ‘wash’

Oskar Blues Brewery is taking over production of the distiller’s wash for Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey in Denver. Oskar Blues will make about 3,000 gallons of Stranahan’s wash each week in its Longmont facility. Stranahan’s will purchase the wash and truck it to its Denver distillery.

Stranahan’s had been making its Straight Rocky Mountain Whiskey from distiller’s wash provided by Flying Dog Brewery in Denver. In January, Flying Dog shifted all its brewing to Frederick, Md.

“This is a very big deal for us,” said Oskar Blues founder Dale Katechis. “Jess and his team are whiskey mavericks, they’re doing for whiskey what craft brewers have done for beer. They’ve proven that with guts, talent and a blind eye to the status quo, one can make whiskey as good as any out there.”

Oskar Blues and Stranahan’s intend to develop various cross-promotional programs to highlight their collaboration.

5 Replies to “Oskar Blues to produce whiskey ‘wash’”

  1. Whiskey made from Oskar Blues leftovers?! I might just become a whiskey drinker. Glad to hear that OB’s new facility is already starting to pay dividends.

  2. I’ve been to the old Flying Dog. the whiskey from Stranhans could easily make you a convert. maybe Oskars will make a whiskey barrel aged stout.

  3. Chipper Dave
    In response to your comment “Whiskey made from Oscar Blues leftovers?! “, I just wanted to interject. I am the head distiller of Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey, and I can assure you we do not use any ‘leftovers’. We have hired OB to brew our recipe to our specs. It is a 100% malted barley wash made of 4 different barley. It is a first quality product and contains no byproducts or cast offs. We chose OB to brew our wash because of their quality and commitment to excellence. I encourage you to try Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey, it will definitely “make you a whiskey drinker.” Cheers Jake

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