Miller Chill goes national

Miller ChillIt seems we failed to report this earlier, but having passed test marketing with flying colors Miller Chill is going national.

Miller Brewing indicates the beer – 4.2% abv with 110 calories and 6.5 carbs – should be in all markets by the week of July 9th.

Miller Chill is modeled after a popular style of Mexican beer called a “chelada,” and flavored with lime and salt.

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  2. I absolutely loved the Miller Chill! I had it in florida a couple of weeks ago and was so upset that they didn’t have it here. So, we shouldn’t look fo rit till July? Lynne

  3. Got the Chill in AZ on Mother’s Day weekend. Just found out it’s a test product. Great to hear it’s going nationwide!

  4. Carried it around in a cooler in the back of my rental car when I visited the desert southwest. Loved it. Really refreshing. Can’t wait to serve it at my next party. Can hardly wait.

  5. Wow, i really think these positive responders are actually forced at gunpoint by the mass producers to give a good review off this crap beer or else. No and i mean NO real beer lover would even bother with this crap.

  6. What I find funny is Miller is also the ones who advertised “Man Law–Don’t Fruit Your Beer!”

    Guess they didn’t heed their own advice.

    Miller always seems to be at the forefront of fad beers. Anyone remember Miller Clear?

    Maybe if they’d produce real beer they wouldn’t have to rely on gimmicks.


    I’m an import kinda girl and Miller CHILL is GREAT! LOVED IT!

    Sorry I only purchased six!

  8. This stuff is amazing. Had a couple test bottles. This stuff needs to hit the market now! Ron, this beats any other “real” beer out there.

  9. I hear it’ll be in Wisconsin by Summerfest, our lake front festival.

    It was sent to stores this week and should be out in the next week or two in our WI stores!!!

  10. Chill tastes EXACTLY like that stuff “tequiza” yuck. Chill absolutely does not even taste like a beer. It tastes kinda like fruit loops though. IT’s awesome that it only has 110 calories. I’ll drink it for that reason. But it totally tastes like a toned down version of zima. and that is disappointing. I wanted a beer.

  11. How exactly do you flavor a beer with salt? Guess the spring break crowd will be happy… I dont suppose theres any hops in this thing though?

  12. Awesome beer! I always drank Bud Ice light and put a shot of lime juice in it. This stuff is Great! I hope they start making 12 packs shortly instead of 6 packs. I will switch for sure!

  13. Hey – I like a variety of beers, from Guiness to Budweiser. This stuff is
    really good. Light beers tend to be awful, but the Miller Chill is really tasty.
    The temperature where I am right now is in the 90’s, and a refreshing light flavored beer is the ticket. I hope it is not just an experiment, and they will continue to produce it.

  14. I work for the hottest and most Gungho Distributors in South Alabama and Miller Chill is sizzling hot here. We love it down here, So all of you that hasen’t had it yet watch out guys and gals. It’s coming your way & take cover it will chill you to the bone!!!!

  15. When will Miller Chill be coming to bars in Charleston, SC? We need a little chill for the summer – it’s steamin hot here! Looking forward to tasting it soon!

  16. This is a “real” beer and it is awesome!! It is my new favorite and I also hope it isn’t a fad and it will continue to distributed. I got a few of my friends hooked on it also, and they have converted from what their beer of choice use to be!

  17. Saw the beer Friday afternoon and thought it sounded good. Picked up a six-pack Friday evening and found it was damn good. Saturday afternoon I picked up a case. It is Tuesday now and I need to go back and pick more up. Great tasting beer!!! I will be buying this from this point on and I hope like Nicole that they continue to distribute it. I look forward to seeing it in the bars and clubs.

  18. I really like this beer. I think the citrus and salt takes away some of the bitterness that beer can sometimes have. This is really a refreshing drink. I think Miller hit a home run with this one.


  20. Just took a 6 pack on my camping trip and wished I’d bought more. It’s really refreshing on a hot day. Not a huge beer fan but this is great!

  21. I’m not normally into light beers, but this one sounded interesting. I was floored to realize that not only did I like it, but that it was going to be *the* beer for me this summer. I normally stick with MGD or Bud Select (not a terribly savvy beer consumer talkin’ here) but this stuff is a *fantastic* summer beer. And no, it’s not fruity like Mike’s Hard or anything like that – it’s just got a hint of Lime as if someone has squeezed one into your glass.

  22. Just picked up my first six pack on Monday and am on my second on Wednesday. I don’t usually enjoy “mass produced” beers (including Miller), but I have to say this on is good. Being from Milwaukee its great to have the hometown brewery roll out with such a good product. Way to go Miller!

  23. I am drinking this now, and I’m loving it! It doesn’t taste lime-y or salty. I think that is just added to cut the aftertaste of light beer. I really like it. For those people who keep saying “It’s not real beer”, well, don’t drink it. I do think you are missing out.

  24. Never even heard of the beer until I saw it at my bro’s apartment today. Sounded cool so I gave it a try. I liked it so much that I had to pick up a 6 pack of it before I went home tonight.

  25. I first had it in arozona in may and let me tell you that this beer is amazing! I was surprised when i saw it at the store there because i had never seen it before but as soon as i tried i was in love with its refreshing taste, with lime and salt. And my picky girlfriend who hates beer with a passion even loved it, now thats amazing.

  26. Bought a six pack to try. My wife is not a beer drinker and she loves it. She actually drank a whole bottle. My son will convert from Corona.

    My big decision, MGD Light or Miller Chill. Great Beer.

  27. first of all, if anyone really thinks this stuff taste good revaluate your own taste. i will give it to miller, they finally came out with something that actually has some kind of taste. for years they have been making money on a “so called beer” that is more watered down than tap water(miller lite). if you people want something that will really rock your taste buds than try an ultra lime cactus. guaranteed you will forget about chill right away.

  28. I have tried well over 150 diffrent beers in my life. Drank beer in 5 diffrent countries and in most of the states. I have never had a worse tasteing beer then Miller Chill. I was excited when I heard about. In Mexico I enjoy a chelada from time to time but this Miller Chill tastes nothing like it. I wouldnt know from experience but I bet it tastes like it has passed through a goat.



  30. Chill out shane. The ave. beer contains 5% alc by vol. This is only 4.2%. Unless you live in Utah or Colorado, this is right in line with other beers. Your false advertising claim is as crappy as the Bud you drink.

  31. I saw TV commercials for this new bear while visiting MOM in the Chicago area and had to try it. And I LOVE IT !!! I’ve been a longtime Corona drinker and this beer rocks. Thank You Miller.

  32. I dont’s see how anyone who likes beer could like this stuff! It is sweet and fruity, maybe a good drink for some people (minors) but not for beer lovers. I really have never been so disappointed in trying a new beverage.

  33. miller chill, sigh if you need to add fruit FLAVIOURING to your beer your not brewing beer. It says lime flavored on the bottle I just had. beer gets flavour from ingredients fomented in the mash. This is extaticly like an arrogant bastard joke brew.

  34. Bill E. there is no good drink for minors. Tsk. Tsk. Miller Chill is refreshing and tasty great summer beer.

  35. To me, this is the best beer I’ve ever had. Been getting it here in Nashville, TN. Just went to buy some today, and it was not there! Please don’t tell me they stopped it already? MAybe they were just sold out.
    This beer is absolutely refreshing! Tasty as can be too.

  36. LOVE Miller Chill! mine and my guys choice when we think of beer runs now in NC. CAN’T GET ENOUGH, and so good in the summer.

  37. Skeptical but tried it. Not bad. Refreshing pale lager, however I would suggest a little less salt and a touch more lime. However Miller has a winner here.

  38. this beer is awesome and sooo.. refreshing!!!!! ron u obviously don’t know what real beer is

  39. A friend who works for the company gave me a case of the WORSE TASTING BEER I have EVER had. Miller Chill is aweful!!!!

  40. Just wanted to point out that real people do not all say marketing stuff like “this is a great summer beer” or “so refreshing”. It is sad when you have to put fake replys to sell a terrible product!

  41. Interesting to read the various comments. This stuff has just landed here in Australia – I guess because they figure the weather down here suits this style becuase we get vey little US beer other than MGD, Samuel Adams and Bud. I reckon it will go OK as Corona is the highest selling import here and Chill seems to be targeting that drinker.

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