Miller Chill goes national

Miller ChillIt seems we failed to report this earlier, but having passed test marketing with flying colors Miller Chill is going national.

Miller Brewing indicates the beer – 4.2% abv with 110 calories and 6.5 carbs – should be in all markets by the week of July 9th.

Miller Chill is modeled after a popular style of Mexican beer called a “chelada,” and flavored with lime and salt.

54 Replies to “Miller Chill goes national”

  1. Indeed the Chill has hit the Australian market. The verdict? The best beer from the United States by far! It’s very refreshing and “this is a great summer beer” ! There’s nothing more to say really…

  2. My friends and I have found the best beer ever made. Miller Chill.
    However, lately, we can only find it in the clear bottles and it is not the same!!! they ruined it. What happened to the original? Concerned in PA

  3. I absolutely LOVED miller chill, but i hate the new miller chill 100 calorie beer. The regular miller chill only had 110 calories and those 10 calories seemed to make a HUGE difference. When will the regular miller chill with 110 calories be back? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

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