Malt Madness

The Washington Post has already begun its beer tie-in to the NCAA basketball tournament, starting with 32 beers in its bracket. Panelists determined the winning beers, but the Post also allows readers vote for which beer they would have picked.

You may recall that we had our own tournament at for four years, calling it Battle of the Beers. We retired the tournament, and the trophy, after Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA won three straight years.

We’re partial to a tournament beginning today in Albuquerque, because it involves drinking and voting. Il Vicino Brewing’s tournament runs almost daily through March 28. Customers at the brewery taproom (the company has three restaurants in New Mexico) receive a sample of two beers, vote for their preference and the winner advances.

Today Il Vicino’s flagship West Mountain IPA meets Stock Ale.