Here’s to Beer: Part II

Anheuser-Busch has revamped the Here’s to Beer website.

Jay Brooks offers a rather complete review.

See what he has to say and check out the site. That’s what we’re doing here at (just found out it is illegal to serve beer to a moose in Fairbanks, Alaksa). Then we’ll have more comment.

One thing Jay doesn’t point out is that A-B has also struck a deal with social network Mingle Now.

“MingleNow came to us when they were still in the developmental stage,” said Tom Shipley, A-B’s director of global industry development. He said the overture came as the brewer was trying to decide, “How are we going to get into social networking in a way that’s not typical banner ad or homepage takeover?”

Another factor in picking MingleNow was the site’s focus on 21- to 35-year-old nightclub demographic — the same group “Here’s to Beer” is targeting. Shipley said that helped reduce the brewer’s fear of accusations that it’s targeting minors. The company faced such charges as recently as two weeks ago, when the Attorneys General of 21 states sent a letter to A-B stating the company’s new broadband site was too accessible to underage viewers.

What does this all mean? Beer is changing – Real Beer has been tracking that since 1994 – and the Internet is changing (we’ve been here as long). Anheueser-Busch doesn’t want to be left behind.

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