Lyft-branded beer comes with ride discount

Rideshare company Lyft is collaborating with a Chicago brewer to produce a beer that comes with a discount for future rides. Five Star Lager, made by Baderbräu Brewery, will be available only in select Chicago bars.

“This is the first partnership of its kind for Lyft and we believe the combination of Baderbräu’s beer and the offer for safe rides home will be very popular with our Chicago riders,” David Katcher, a Midwest general manager for Lyft said in a statement. Baderbräu will not brew a new recipe for Lyft, instead rebranding its own South Side Pride. It will come with a discount code worth up to 60% off a standard Lyft ride.

Lyft has long had what it calls a “safe ride” program, including one with Anheuser-Busch, which for two years has offered up to 150,000 round-trip Lyft rides during weekends and holidays. Lyft chose to partner with a smaller brewery this time because a smaller brewery because it wants “a brand that has more impact with locals.”